OneStepBeyond: My Awkward Social Situation You Should All Avoid

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I had my birthday about a fortnight ago. The first time I ever celebrated such an event on a large scale was late 2012. After joining facebook. Though I have never held any bash for the same. I do celebrate by way of talking about it or warning friends not to pour water on me. I should find out the water-pouring aspect of marking an individual’s growth event.

I don’t derive any joy from this day. The only comfort I get is that I am getting older. But I always fear growing up because of responsibilities ahead. I have been trying to imagine how life will be after campus.

I asked a friend who just graduated to give me a tip on life after university. She said I should be aware lecturers will not teach me how to get a job. They only drive into our heads, with intellectual thunder, the theories, inventions, procedures and methods using their brand new PhD heads from Texas or Manchester.

The last time I celebrated my birthday, I got less than three wish-well messages on my Facebook page. And two likes! But sadly, I got none this time round! Just to be clear, no soul was aware Moses Auma was turning 21. I did not remind my FB friends that I was celebrating a thing. I could have posted a picture taken with a friend, hands locked into a half nelson. Then wrote something like ‘Lets see how many ‘likes’ for my important day.”


Assumption never help much. I assumed facebook had got its own way of notifying friends of an event like a birthday. And therefore did not bother to remind anyone that I was growing older. Again, I was banking on the fact that friends could pay me back since I hardly pass their posts or events without ‘liking’ or leaving a comment. Don’t think I’m desperate for ‘likes’ or attention.


Please understand this: in his book, How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie says one of the things most people want is a feeling of importance. To that end, I can safely guess the number of ‘likes’ or comments one gets on facebook can proportionally relate to ones level of importance.

Ok. I’m publicity-shy. Can’t remember when I last posted a picture online. In case I did, then it was not in any recognizable form. As a consequence, no one kept in touch with me on my big day.

Blame me because I havn’t been minding the gap between me and my friends. I needed to do something way too long to close this goofy relational gap. You don’t want to be posting well-thought out things and no one recognises.

On this matter, I once argued with a female friend why, when she posts something on facebook, even the the most inane and or trivial of thing, and hey presto, she gets 245 likes and 125 comments! Unlike me, who even when I post a well thought out aspect of ethnicity or modern management, it takes one year to attain an average of 20 ‘likes’ and no comments! No pun intended wewe.

So far, I may not wish for you to go through what I have undergone but on another different platform not facebook. As university students, we have need to find and attend social networking events in line with our careers. I have not been attending most of them though. But thinks through this post we can collectively begin. Right.

Social networking events provide a laid back atmosphere to chat with people, and these informal chats often lead to many opportunities and potential ways you can work together.

Learning happens best in relational spaces where learner’s are purposefully interacting with the world around them as agents of their own experiences in tandem with others. What’s better is that face to face networking events create lasting impressions in the minds of people you meet. I mean, ultimately, it is not about whom you know but rather who knows you, right?

This can always lead to future opportunities for both parties, in terms of help, advice and business. It can also motivate you to go further by expanding your industry knowledge.

For now, it is only fair for you to find me on facebook – my name there is Moses Auma, bespectacled and sandwiched between two men, one tall one huge. Then post these words in bold, I said in bold, HAPPY LATE BIRTH DAY! Thank you.

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