Ongoma Locks Horns with Egerton University Students Over Alleged SUEU Tribal Tweet


He has been kissed in the past by many. He has been considered the tool behind any successful win. This time round he is not receiving the kisses but instead he is being kicked.The man at the center of the current political temperatures at Egerton University is one Isaac Ongoma who now studies at Kenya Methodist university (KeMU). Back in recent history he was the SUEU president at Egerton. His term would go down in history as the shortest after being slapped with an expulsion following a students unrest that saw property worth millions of shillings up in flames.

In the last SUEU election, he endorsed candidates. “His” candidates went ahead to win all the seats. Worth mentioning is the SUEU chairpersons seat which was bagged by Amisi his favorite candidate in the race.That was fine and he enjoyed the support and the love from the students who were willing to do what ever Ongoma said despite the fact that he had been expelled.

This past weekend, the son of Mulembe was back at Egerton University to what he does best, politics. Together with  the Coalition he closely relates to, Ongoma endorsed candidates and appealed for votes from the rather excited crowd. All went well.

It was not until yesterday night when a single tweet from him broke the internet and got people calling him all sorts of names.The tweet that read ”

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“Finally Maweu has betrayed Kamba community for endorsing an anticipated loser. I welcome all Kambas and Merians home. Maweu must fail again”, the tweet exploded.

He has been criticized and labelled tribal. With the elections date fast coming and the message against tribal politics being spread deep inside the university, such sentiments were least expected from a person who many in the political circles still look up to.

The Truth is, these elections might be based on tribes as far as we have seen the hype but the voting will be different and that is one thing Ongoma is so aware of. Many argue that he is so done with Egerton University and should then keep off the politics of the pavilion and the students center. Currently there is a war on who controls the Unions twitter handle and how he controls it, with false information being spread about some specific candidates, there is a last minute online war going on,a war which Ongoma seems to be ready for.

These elections are above Ongoma and his endorsements have nothing to do with the outcome on Friday night. Aspirants should sell their manifestos within the stipulated time and hope that they win.

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