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Nothing has gained traction in Kenya faster than sports betting. Close to 2 million Kenyans place bets in various platforms. Betway Kenya leads with the best betting odds. One can win millions with as less as 50 shillings as stake. Scammers have also taken deep root into the market. Selling what they refer to as fixed odds to their unsuspecting and vulnerable customers. The only sure way of making sure that you bet responsibly as required by Betway Kenya is by going through the Below sure online betting tips.

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Betting has its own rules and sure online betting tips which you must be conversant with to survive the game. Ever wondered why you keep losing? Ever wondered why you just cannot win?

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1. Start Analysis several weeks before the actual match day

You must watch what happens to what team before placing your bets on Betway Kenya. Fixtures are released months before games. Therefore real gamers must ensure that they have this fixtures as soon as they are out. Mark the matches you would really wish to place bets on several months and list the teams in a note book.

Betway Kenya provides you with the best Betting tips and odds. Sign up for free and place your bets
Betway Kenya provides you with the best Betting tips and odds. Sign up for free and place your bets.

Check for activities such as the winning formula of the various teams you have shown interest in. Ask yourself how they get to win their matches and against which types of opponents. Do they make a comeback in the second half after a nasty first half? Who is the team’s key player? What’s the team’s current status in terms of injuries, punishments, transfers? What’s unique to a certain team? Is the team on a long losing streak? How and when could they make a comeback? Can they survive after their first breakthrough or will they sink back into the mess once again? Any new signings? Probably a new coach? Weather conditions and failed travel schedules maybe? Team form? Any current team problems and hidden squabbles and conflicts?

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2. Use Logics Before Placing Bets on Betway Kenya

Every gamer must ensure that logical Instinct play a factor in a team’s selection. There are certain teams which only requires logical analysis to make one realise that they will win big. Develop your own scientific logic and proof to convince your ego that indeed your team is set for a win.

3. Identify Teams with High Possibility of Winning

From your list of sure teams, sieve through using your own instinct and identify only those teams with high possibility of winning. Say with a probability of 90% and above.

4. Do not use the odds to sway and waiver your decisions.

Betting sites have clever ways of playing around with your minds and ensuring that you end up losing your money. No matter the circumstances, avoid looking at the odds before doing a thorough analysis of the teams you’ve already chosen.

5. Place Huge Stakes if Possible

Betway Kenya allows you to place stakes of up to several thousands of shillings. Maximize on this. Take 3 to 4 teams from your list of surebets and stake a huge amount for bigger and better returns.

6. Bet only for the teams you know and their winning history on your finger tips.

Do not attempt to place bets for teams you’ve never heard of. Refrain from placing for teams in leagues and competition you don’t follow.

Use the above free betting tips to place your bets on Betway Kenya. You can also play in Betway Jackpot or Betway Bonanza and win as much as 20 Million shillings from 100 shillings as stake. Click Here to Place Your Bet and Win Big.



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