Opinion: Thumps up Moi University VC Laban Ayiro

Ayiro, Moi University Defaulters

19th September is when Prof Richard Mibei’s term as vice chancellor ended which saw the Education Cabinet Secretary, Dr Fred Matiangi appoint Prof. Laban Ayiro appointed as vice chancellor in an acting capacity. This did not go down well with the North Rift leaders led by Governor Mandago. Despite that, on September 13th this year, Dr Matiangi extended the appointment of Moi University acting VC by six months. In the month of December last year, he was appointed as new vice chancellor.

For the short time that Ayiro has been in office, exceptional developments are visible in Moi University. If you bumped into a student to give an opinion on our vice-chancellor, they would definitely tell you that the professor has moved the institution a couple strides away compared to the former administration. Under his chancellorship, the general physical outlook of the school has been improved such that you cannot fail to notice the eye seeking administration block surrounding that is now under renovation alongside the planting of flowers. Unlike before, litter is collected and the pavements swept daily which makes the school a comfy hangout.

VC Ayiro has seen to it that the nightmare of poor accommodation in the institution turns into a pleasant dream. The hostels in Moi have existed since when the institution was started in the mid-90s and have never been renovated since then. It is only when Ayiro came in and gave an ear to our plights and now renovation has kicked off a great sigh. Hostel H is the first on the renovation list and in a few months, the school will shine again. New classes are under construction in the School of Education where for quite some time now students have had challenges of lacking enough rooms. Tents have for the first time been set up as a temporary solution.

Security has quite improved in the institution evident from the floodlights that have been set up in all corners of the institution. Students can now comfortably manoeuvre within the school at night without the fear of being harmed. Another security factor is that under our acting VC is the ongoing construction of the wall that is supposed to set boundaries of the school from the outside. A modern gate is also under construction.

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He is the guy to make “Woi University” Moi University again though we are yet to see him eradicate tribalism in the many offices in the institution.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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