Over 120 University Students from a Wardbin Narok Air Concerns Over Bursary Allocations


Ever asked yourself as a student why you have never been a beneficiary of the county bursary or the constituency development fund? After all do all students really get them?

It is in this context that I tried to understand whether students really benefit from their counties and constituencies that I met students from Narok County. Comrades in a ward in this county of a number exceeding 120 students come together to achieve a common goal. They want to raise their voices in unity and raise the voices of the voiceless in the society such as the orphans. The area has broken its records in the previous 4 years in producing many students joining various universities in the country.
With the expectations of most students in that ward each student should be able to get a share on the community development funds.

However that has not been imminent until the comrades took the “comrades’ power” slogan to the village. They formed a union as the first step in their struggle for their rights. It’s by the name Ololmasani Student’s Union popularly known as OSU. Through the union they can draft their letters of inquiries to the national and the county government of the area.

In a meeting held at a social hall on 3rd May 2015, the union’s interim secretary General Mr. Leonard Ngetich from Chuka university stated that the CDF money should be able to be shared equally and according to his statistics he said that every student from that ward should get at least sh. 10,000 to help students in their fee payments. The meeting held earlier on January which majorly saw the union demanding a fair share of the CDF money was fruitful.

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From this view it directly indicates that students from various parts rarely benefits from their own CDF. The step of these students forming a union has shown a much needed platform to highlight the needs of the students as far as the county and national funds are concerned.

Whenever these students have issues concerning them they draft a letter to the authorities and feedback is obtained. It is by a pen and paper that the comrades of this ward have benefited a lot through the students union.

They are more determined to raise more and more issues and move the union to greater heights.
It’s a lesson to all comrades from various sections in the country to team up for their benefit. Raise the voices of the voiceless amongst us through unity.



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