Over 5000 First Years Join Egerton University,The Journey Begins,A War Continues


Welcome to the University Of Njoro, not taking into consideration where you have come from, the most important thing is that tomorrow you will sleep far away from home. This is the only place in Kenya where Luo’s boast  of having one gunia of Omena heads,Kalenjins will not let you sleep in peace just because they want to dance some Emily Chepchumba and drain some Mursik,the Kamba will ensure they color it bold enough not to mention the Coasterians who will spend seven hour making a meal. All in all we are Kenyans that way, diverse and peaceful.

Egerton University presents you the best opportunity to catch up with your dreams and get on the right way to greatness that is if you will manage to keep off abusive relationships and stay away from any drink that can disorientate you mental judgment.

The streets has a lot in store for you, I will bring you up to speed with some of the places you must be very cautious with if you want to follow your dream and be a better example to your community and Africa at large, there are places where those who believe that milk, water and Soda are not too sweet often visit.Amazone,backyard,I know some of you are coming in already addicted to alcohol, there are chain smokers and all that, but then again it’s never too late to stop. Currently most smokers are ladies and they do so in groups ,is your own choice to choose what you are going to drink and what you are going to discard .First years getting drunk in the first week to an extent of crawling and sleeping next to by their door steps.

This is an opportunity for you to make up for the mistakes you might have made in the past, to make your life good, involve yourselves with only positive activities, participate in sports ,drama and don’t miss out in church. There is an ongoing war in all the Kenyan campuses that you have just become part of, you have the energy and ideas to make Egerton University at the top of this war,

We Are Hiring!! Writer

Abortion seemingly is a piece of cake to many ladies in Kenya , that after a season of crimson roses ,chocolate hearts, cuddly stuffed animals ,sparkling jewelry and candlelit dinner for two, flamboyant gestures of love were displayed that fateful day ,perhaps out of misplaced sense of obligation or just cheap pride in one another. Bereft of ideas on what to do next, you decided because you are each other’s object of affection, to engage in unprotected sex.Look, we all came to this earth from our mothers’ wombs because of unprotected sex.Perphaps your mother who gave you milk and Uji and taught to you to shun all that is evil and embrace only the good deeds, should be blamed for bringing you forth. Come to think of this, How about if she would have aborted you?

These are your early days in campus, there are those ladies and men who can’t keep their legs closed, who can’t use protection on having sex, who cannot use E-pills immediately after three minutes of unprotected sex, Those who have proved to the nation that they have insatiable appetite for sex and they still can’t get injections to plan their lives, Come on, you have a whole bag of options! You walk around doing selfies, groundies.

Your admition to  Egerton University not only places you in control of your dreams and aspirations as a student because you will be interacting with the best of Lectures and getting the best from the facilities but also putting you at the center stage to the war against Abortion, that is the message we are passing to the newly admitted fresher’s at Egerton University today.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. Thank you Koyo for explaining some of these things. I am a motivatiinal speaker at Egerton and any first year student who is keen on making improvements in their life can get in touch with me on 0714124967…or mosesauma51@gmail.com..my email works 24 hrs a day. Thanks

  2. nice advice from you Koyo. Just that sometimes we are overwhelmed by what happens despite being warned ….just hope these freshers will put this into consideration.

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