Is ‘No Panty’ the In Thing For Ladies?

No panty

Last weekend I was having this discussion with a lady, a friend of mine, I had just gone to her place to pick her for an evening date. She welcomed me to the house and she left me at the living room as she went to the bedroom to dress up. She took long than I cud wait. I decided to walk to her bedroom only to find her pulling her trousers up. She blushed off but said nothing. I decided to ask her why she was not putting on her underwear. She looked at me and said she didn’t need one at the moment after all it was a weekend, the cloth she was wearing didn’t require her to be in her inner wear and it is normal for a lady to walk without one!

That caught me by surprise. She intrigued my curiosity and I ventured into the same topic as I sought to find out more about the ladies who have decided to go commando.

Some ladies feel sexier when not wearing undergarments, but this is usually not a motivating factor. Fashion may play a role in the choice to wear nothing beneath tight fitting clothing, but special undergarments are typically considered more appropriate. There are many reasons to not wear underwear, but each person typically has a unique argument against this clothing item.

No pantyMost ladies prefer to go without underwear for many different reasons and it takes a keen eye to notice.  Aesthetically, some ladies find that the lines caused by underwear are unattractive, but that wearing a thong is uncomfortable.  Not wearing this article of clothing in certain situations makes them more comfortable.  They as well believe that not wearing it reduces the risk of some infections. Not wearing any is simply more comfortable for some people and need not be justified in any way.

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One of the most common reasons ladies regularly refuse to wear underwear is for hygiene. They hate the moisture and heat around the genitals, skipping underwear can promote ventilation and cooling, keeping the area more comfortable. In addition to comfort, not allowing this area to sit damp for long periods of time can prevent the skin from becoming infected. One condition that may occur if underwear is left damp for too long is commonly known as jock itch, and it can be a major annoyance.

Many women were simply brought up to believe that wearing underwear at night is abnormal, so they continue to do so out of habit and personal preference. This supposedly reduces the chances of getting a yeast infection or vaginal itching problems.  Even when a person does not explicitly shun underwear for hygienic reasons, there is often a hygienic root at the heart of the decision.

On my research point still, Maryanne* from The University of Nairobi had this to say, “Wearing clothes is not African culture.  Africans should go back to walking around naked like we once were before the ‘Wazunguz’ threw away the underwear… Wearing clothes is foreign; let’s go back to walking around naked!”

I went ahead to interrogate some lady who was having lunch at Galitos town center.  “I sleep naked for two reasons – to ‘ventilate’ myself and secondly so that my husband can have easy access to the goodies.” Well, as for sleeping naked tonight that sounded a genuine reason.

She went on explaining to me how sleeping naked makes her hoo-ha get plenty of air; she sleeps better since at night usually bodies’ temperatures drops, she looks hotter and is cool at night with regenerative magic worked on her skin and hair, she feels more confident since sleeping naked gives her this sexy ergo feeling and lastly she will has better sex!

Ladies absolutely best bet is to wear a skirt with no underwear or tights, and definitely avoid pantyhose. If you’ve ever had an urge to go for that sexy thigh-high stocking look but have been too shy, here’s the excuse you’ve been looking for. And if you do wear underwear, your safest bet is unbleached; undyed cotton underwear and breathable clothes. It’s a good idea to change your underpants regularly, like maybe once a day. If at all possible, don’t sleep in underwear; if you do, put on clean stuff. Yeast can live in your underwear, so be sure to wash it well, particularly during and after a yeast infection. Some medical types think that when you have a yeast infection, you should wash and dry your underwear.

“Sometimes underwear is just annoying, other times it’s an easy access scenario if you know you are going to go hook up with someone (especially in a public place), what’s wrong with nor wearing underwear…at one point people walked around naked all the time.” Pauline* from Mount Kenya added.

Wairimu* from Kenyatta University had this to say “You cannot tell if someone is wearing panties or not anymore. Women’s underwear is now available with an “invisible panty line”. I’m wearing them now, they cannot be seen through any fabric so you’d think I was wearing none, they fit better than my skin, lol.”

After listening to all these ladies, the only question that kept on ringing in my mind is, ladies, why do you ever leave the house with no undies on and is that a sexual thing or did you have no clean underwear?

What is your take on this topic?  Share your views.



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