Part 1

Then I realized something new after saving the snaps. I have to combine them into one photo to reduce the space occupied. Thanks to the photo grid application. It helps combine lots of photos in a single snap. The gallery helps a lot when one needs to refer to some photos taken long time ago. It is the invention of technology that has made life easier. No need to print them anymore, one can view them at any time of the day.

I have never  figured out the time it takes to prepare tea. Today am taking tea with eggs. Never mind about the number, the problem is the duration it takes to boil. My friend once advised me that an egg has to boil for 15 minutes. It’s my phone again. I have to be keen on the duration. Thanks to the stopwatch application. It times the exact duration and when it’s over one can do the next thing awaiting.
All of a sudden there goes a power blackout.

My small room goes silent. Never used to this, something must be present to disturb my ears and give me company for time to pass. I looked around to check on what can keep me busy as I await for power to be back.. The only thing I can see is my phone. I swipe my phone left wise and on the applications my eyes first met with the application written “music”. Inside the application my phone gives me the sense that there is no power. The phone, it keeps me busy, am not idle. I just keep my slow gospel music flow.

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After sometime i feel I need to listen to something, but again no power. What can be happening in the country by now, am used to news bulletins. My phone in my hand,  I have to pause this nice music to get the updates. I visit my applications and finally get this application with the name “radio”. I have to utilize it because I know what come next after I click on it. After clicking on it I get to know what the members of parliament are doing in the big city. Technology is really fantastic.

I have known where the president is heading to today while am just in my room. After the updates I go back to my music. But this time the audio music seems to be replaying and I don’t want it to replay. It is then that I realize I also have to keep my eyes and ears busy. I can only do this when I click on the videos section.

I remember before technology  I used to go to a certain place to view something on a screen but then it was this same video that I was paying for.Am watching it alone and for free at this time. Thanks to technology transformation,it has saved me 10 shillings in a day.

Remember to check part III next week on Life in the 21st century as we get deep into how the real technology has made life easier.



We Are Hiring!! Writer