As I was swiping my phone, something came in mind. After I had attended a Sunday service the previous week I recalled the day’s preacher asking people to check on a verse in Psalms 25:2 at their free time. Again am using my phone. I just go direct to the Bible in  my phone and get the scripture. But then, this verse has a word that I seem not to understand, triumph, I have heard of it but I really don’t understand.
I have to worry less; I just have a full dictionary in my phone. I type the word triumph and I now understand that it means a conclusive success following an effort, conflict or confrontation of obstacles. Life has really been made easier by technology. I have never bothered to call my friend’s family to bring back my high school Oxford Dictionary.
Am so used to internet and it’s then that I enable my mobile data. All of a sudden my phone is ringings. Lots of whatsapp messages are flowing. I certainly can’t read all of them now, I will go through them when am more free. But there is this important information in my class conversation group from my class rep. Kindly check your emails  for NRM 224 class notes. That was the message.
I was thinking of going to the student Center, to check for the same handout. Technology is making me relax. The class email is just in my phone. I actually did as informed by my class rep and for sure the class notes are there. They are in form of power point presentation. Luckily my phone has got quick office and king soft office applications. The decision is mine to choose which to use. In short it doesn’t matter if I have a computer or a laptop to study my notes.
After confirming that the notes are there and having saved them, I go back to whats app.

When am in whats app I usually check at my friends status . Now am bored and broke, thinking to go borrow some cash from a friend. But before leaving my room I go through the status as usual. Unfortunately the friend I was to borrow has his status saying,

“I am broke…the second week am surviving through God’s mercies.”

Oops what a status, it has given me the best reason not to visit him again. People are expressing their emotions through the whatsapp status.

We Are Hiring!! Writer

I then saw the status of a friend Matildhe De Grez from Belgium whom we had met on her visit to Kenya. It read whats app uniquement. What can be the meaning? After checking in the dictionary using my phone, I confirm it’s not an English word. I have to look for this in the Google translates. It means…
Let me sign out but then I am not over with this. Don’t forget to add on your reminder to check on what comes on part IV on the Life in the 21st Century next week.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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