Party Animals Force the Postponement of Mr. And Miss UoE Event

Poster of the event which was set to go down on 28th March 2015

The event that happened on 28th night till early Sunday was supposed to be a modelling event to pick Mr and Miss University of Eldoret but not everything went down as was planned.

The venue was well organised and VIP tickets all sold.  That’s where there was the first problem. There were more tickets than the seats.  Obviously, there were too many people in the front lane and the stage was becoming hectic to manage. People were everywhere just leaving some small area of the stage in the university’s Kerio Hall.

The space wasn’t even enough for all the models.  The ten ladies,  seven gentlemen and their dressers were having their worst nightmare, one that they actually didn’t see coming. They managed to walk to the stage once and that was the end of the day for them because the stage, backstage and everywhere else was full with students who were so eager to witness what was going on.  The security guys were overwhelmed and could only join in the watching.


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Poster of the event which was set to go down on 28th March 2015

People watched as the event diverted from a modelling thing to a campus night and dance groups like the Hood Crew and Earthquake rocked the stage.  Random guys showed their rare skills(some are actually expert twerkers) and the ladies did booty shaking competitions, belly dancing.  The night turned to be generally good for the party animals.

Willy Paul the famous gospel artist kept people waiting all hours long. They went on having fun till the gospel song bird came on stage at around 2a.m.

Like the normal Willy Paul Msafi we all know, he didn’t dissapoint, I guess his performance was better and longer than Davido’s at Carnivore. He even introduced a song he realised two days ago and it was awesome and people madly loved “tam tam”.

He finished performing at around thirty minutes past two.  Some people went sleeping while the rest went on partying till dawn. That’s exactly what had to happen after everything went haywire. The modelling thing had to be postponed to a later date.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. The night was so so fab…the male twerkers,the hood crew,Willy Paul na the female booty twerkers made that night….it was mad fun….

  2. Pushed again till further notice. Thank God Willy Paul came before bahati released that later. #WillyPaulExposed

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