Placing Your Trust in the Right Hands: 4 Red Flags of a Lawyer You’re Best off Avoiding

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It’s normally said that the more options you have the better, but is that really true? The bitter truth is that when you have many choices, it becomes difficult for you to choose from the long list; instead, you are left confused.

Every year more and more attorney break into the legal industry and the truth is that they are not all the same. Their expertise, skills and experience will differ in a way. So, you need to go for an attorney that will help you get your justice.

Therefore, you should take caution when choosing lawyers that will represent you with your case and making sure you don’t get a lawyer who will just be after your cash.

Below are 4 red flags of a lawyer you are best off avoiding:

1. Sincerity
On your first face-to-face meeting with a lawyer, he or she will seem sincere and knowledgeable, but that may not be the real him or her. After a few days, you will start noticing some unique characters in him or her; Your lawyer will start becoming aloof.

Normally, you will notice such an attitude easily. For example, if your lawyer starts ignoring your phone calls, doesn’t reply to your emails, missing your schedules deadlines, and maybe showing you a poor attitude when talking to him or her face-to-face. The above characters should alert you that your legal representative isn’t good and that there is need to look for a better one.

2. Confidence in Sharing References
If you are dealing with a lawyer for the first time, you have all the rights to ask him or her of his success in a legal area so that you can be certain that whoever you have hired will help you with your case.

If your lawyer is reluctant in sharing with you his or her credentials or feels uncomfortable sharing his successes and failure, then you should begin looking for another legal representative who can be confident while sharing his or her credentials.

3. Success Rate
Even if you have viewed your lawyer’s references, you will still need to check on his personal successes as a lawyer. Is he or she having a high success rate or a low success rate? How many cases has he or she won? Those are some of the questions you should present to your lawyer.

Therefore, you should check reviews of past clients from your lawyers website. If the reviews are positive, go ahead and hire him or her. If there are tons of negative review, that is a red flag. Look for a better lawyer. If you are doubting any of the lawyers you have come across, hire this attorney.

In addition, you may find that the reviews on your lawyer’s website is clashing with what you’re getting from real past clients. If that’s the case, avoid him or her.

4. Billing System
When it comes to ethics, there is no compromise. Integrity is a virtue that shouldn’t miss in a lawyer. Therefore, if your lawyer doesn’t show good ethics in his or her billing system, kindly let go and look for one who is ethical.

Bottom Line
Hiring the worst lawyers will make you incur extra expenses, especially if you lose several cases. Go for better attorneys who care about your needs.



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