Plans for KAFUCO freshers Bash Underway

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Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO) - Administration Block

In what can be taken as an initiation ceremony into life at the campus, first years or popularly known as freshers are treated to a night party a few days after their successful admission into the various higher learning institutions. This event is widely termed as THE FRESHERS BASH. This social function marks the unfolding of the real campus life. Universities have made it a tradition to welcome their freshers with this night party.

The freshers bash is the mosr celebrated social function and it began way back in 1167 at Oxford University. During this time, it was being referred to as FRESHERS WEEK. For most students during this time it was taken as a session of making new friends. Though enjoyable, the event can lead one into unwanted mess.

The freshers night was initially taken as the societies night. This is when it was started. Students were to register themselves in different societies on this night. This was and is still the only event that students display their socialism skills. As centuries pass this event has since changed from being social into being an entertainment day.

FRESHERS NIGHT is mostly taken as an essential rite of passage from life at home into living independently. To some students its the genesis of their life at campus. Its majorly characterised by consumption of copious ammount of alcohol and meeting a plethora of new people. It is also during this day that the 10 to 10 rule wont apply.

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Since the first freshers week, universities and colleges both in Kenysa and the world at large are succesfully turning the event into a tradition. Kaimosi Friends University College being one of the kenyan campuses is planning to have the event this week.

Through the director of Sports and Entertainment in the institution, Joseph Mutua, we came to know that omega one might grace the occasion. We are yet to clear the air on this one. Follow @MagazineReel and @Royal_Kenyan on twitter for updates on the event.



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