PLOT 12 EPISODE 5:Njira Set To Unveil His “Ugali Party” Will He Make It To State House?


Its been a minute at Plot 12, You have not been getting the news, buzz and all that is going down at the only Plot with Internet Connection and a self imposed Caretaker before man and God.The last time you heard from our official spokesperson who happens to be a correspondent at Kenyans Best Online Youth YouTube Channel (CalebKoyo TV) , Njira, the only heir to his parents unexisting Throne went out on a date with some damsel,things have changed , The running mate Njira fell in Love with has so far been poached by the other party with a flamboyant Flag-bearer, up until now, Plot 12 has nothing to smile about, Njira has so far been on a suicide threat every Saturday Morning,he eats about 12 Chapati’s ,something that her Mother considers dangerous, More dangerous than Arsenal winning the English premier league, as you read this,Njira is online voting For Magazine Reel as the best Educational Blog in the Bake Awards, his father says that the voting is best move he has seen him make since he graduated from Walimwes High School.

Our Lives at Plot 12 has not been a bed of Roses, am not Yet married and Mama Njira has not stopped stealing water from the basin just in front of my House,that’s not scary though, she is pregnant again and that means she will need more water for her Kids, Baba Njira has so far threatened to go back to the village, Life in the city is not easy, he cannot even smoke cigar,everything has become expensive one  more time, in fact, the only thing  cheap at the Moment is being single, that is why when every tenant wakes up nowadays, they must do some rounds in front of my door thinking that i am still generous like i was at 20, i keep my Flour,Sugar closer to my heart, to back it up, my Heart is not on my Sleeves.

Njira has grown , he is more silent ,more religious since this inflation stuff rocked up a nation,I guess he must be spending his free time in Church just Like Jerome when we were in class seven , that Nigga couldn’t not Miss a Wedding Ceremony, I guess he is related to Njira , both are good mathematics, Life is Math’s and science if you know what i mean,Rumour From Mama Zedi at the shop is that Njira is looking for a Running mate,its only then that he can overthrow President Kenyatta’s Government , he wants to put Plot 12 on the map one more time, he wants to make us great again, he has his own “Ugali  Party” and his only agenda is “Ugali Kwa Wote” . Will he succeed?  , Will he get a loyal Running mate who will not be lured by Bugger and Folks? Will Plot 12 be on the News as the First to Produce a President? , am not sure about all that, am sure that If Njira goes through, Plot 12 will be statehouse and i will remain the Incumbent Landlord.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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