Political Games Behind TUMSO Leaders’ Expulsion


Drawing conclusions from the punishments given to the TUMSO leaders many students from the coastal varsity are linking the punishment to tribalism and politics.

Few months ago the former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya used a terminology like “your name betrays you” while addressing a journalist known as Murithi from Q TV.

verdictThree leaders from the Technical University of Mombasa; Benmark Nganga, Nathan Mutugi Nkonge and Denis Muchiri Njimia that is the President, the Vice President and the Secretary General of the disbanded union respectively, have been expelled from the University.

Could their names have betrayed them? I can’t conclude that but that is what some comrades at the coastal varsity have in their minds. The other leaders who faced the harsh punishment are Walter Korir the second Vice President and Vincent Mandere leader for Entertainment and Sport Affairs. The two were both given a 2 year and 1 year suspension respectively. Lastly the other Leader Odero John was given a warning.

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All the leaders were accused of same charges but their punishments was totally different. This could be the main cause of the conclusions that Tribalism and politics played a part in coming up with the verdict.

Drawing conclusions the three leaders come from Embu, Meru and Kiambu County. These counties are known to be a stronghold Jubilee government. The leader suspended for 2 years comes from Rift Valley region another Stronghold for Jubilee. The other leader Suspended for 1 year comes from Kisii County. Lastly the gentleman who was given a warning comes from Nyanza region a CORD stronghold. What does this mean? I cannot conclude but this brings a very good relationship of the punishment and politics.

This matter should not just be ignored, we have heard of University being tribalism throttleholds, would TUM be representing the reality of this? If this is what happened the Ministry of Education should come in and get the main architects of this societal evil.



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  1. This typically a lack of understanding between the administration and what it means having a students’ organization. TUMSO being the first independent organisation in TUM, the VC. Prof. Mwatela absolutely ignored the significance of dialogue with the students’ organisation. Nevertheless, he didn’t really came out quite frankly to address the issues before deciding to expel the student leaders! The ways he used are quite unclear, undetermined and, to some extend, divide-and-rule! Now the fate of various students is on his reign and to this moment I have not seen any serious progress towards reaching the common agreement. Will the instution run without student leaders?

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