Pomp and Colour at KU as ‘Freshers’ Report

kenyatta university

First years have started reporting at Kenyatta University(KU) main campus.The students started streaming in as from Monday 4th of May 2015.Registration of the new KU members on the block is ongoing at the graduation square and computer Centre.

At the graduation square the new students will present their health documents and get acquinted with the units they shall take.

On the other hand all matters regarding accommodation and finance are being sorted at the computer centre.

However the registration of units and fee payment goes all the way upto the first week of June. The students still have close to 1 month to sort out their finance issues.

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Alot has been done to welcome the first years.One of the moves includes a number of student volunteers who have been tasked with giving directions to the students.This will aid both the first years and their parents to trace their way in the vast University with almost all buildings looking alike. Many at times new students have found it hard to navigate their ways around the school with ease. Helping them with direction will go along way into ensuring that no wastage exists.

The KU first years will also go through library orientation at the post modern library.It is obvious that they will be spending a considerable amount of time at the library during their stay at the University.

I wish to congragulate the first years as they make this big step in their life.Campus is fun.Campus is where minds are sharpened and careers made.On the flip side there is alot of freedom and peer pressure.Irresponsible sex and drug abuse are top on the list for wasting away bright ,young minds.It is upto the freshas to  critically think of what they want from campus and devise ways to achieve this goal.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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