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“When the world is seated, stand up, when the world stands up, stand out, when the world stands out, be outstanding, and when the world is outstanding, set the standard.”  This saying has been latent in my subconscious mind and is always animated when I think of “product differentiation” in marketing. For those ones who might be alien to the term, “product differentiation” is a strategy applied by most production Companies to make their products unique in the market full of imitates using specific variables.

RangeFor example, there is a specific niche in the market that has an inclination towards Range Rovers, its price notwithstanding. The vehicle was first launched in the market in 1970 and its features were very basic. It was just like any other model. As time progressed, the designers differentiated it from the pack by adding features to it progressively until it revolutionized the leisure car market and became one of the leading prestigious vehicles to own.

Some of the features include; 4000cc capacity engine, air conditioning with tri-zone climate controls, power tilt leather-wrapped steering wheel with radio controls, cruise control, leather upholstered seats, powered driver and passenger seats, powered sunroof, a premium sound system, navigation system with voice activation, rear-view camera and a wireless phone. Such features are rare to find in any other vehicle like a Probox.

When it comes to personal development, what value are you adding to your life to make sure your brand name is differentiated? The fact that you were the only one who had a degree in your village several years ago does not guarantee you the monopoly of intellect in your village today. If you relaxed after getting a degree, you’ll be shocked to realize that several years down the line; everybody else will be having the same degree, including those ones from Nairobi Aviation College.

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Many dwell so much in their past successes and try to use them to benchmark future feats. With this mentality, they fail to realize that what was unattainable last year is a standard this year and will be below standard next year. This realization is what has kept Range Rover ahead of the others. If you were the best employee in your company last year, don’t fold your hands and think that history will repeat itself this year. Come up with more innovative strategies that will keep you at the top.

If your business performed well last year, what measures have you taken to make sure that the performance is sustained? I have seen many musicians, DJs, MCs, politicians, comedians, radio and TV presenters who were at the peak of their careers start crying foul when new kids on the block stage a revolution and take over their prestigious positions. For example DJ Pinye was the most common household name some years back when it came to music entertainment. Right now he’s not even among the top DJs.

When the majority takes 30 minutes at the gym, take 2 hours, when the majority have bachelor’s degree, enroll for a Master’s degree, when the majority wake up at 6am, wake up at 5am, when majority sleep at 10pm, sleep at 11pm, when the majority take 5 minutes to pray, take 30 minutes, when the majority add more movies in their libraries, add more books and when the majority drink a lot of beer, drink a lot of water. The more differentiated you are, the more you’ll stay ahead of the pack. The people who are remembered most never did anything extraordinary, but they did ordinary things differently. Don’t wallow in your past success but let your past success be a spring board to your future.




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