Regal Awards set to Light up Maseno University in November

Regal Awards

By George Munyasia

The 50-year old project has a vested interest in “harnessing the transformational (and unbelievably inexpensive) power of recognition to increase performance and happiness within your organization.”

They have lately gone a notch higher to make their own trophies and other awards tailored to a specific category by professionals. Other stunning awards are their plaques, medals, and ribbons for schools. To make them even more personal, the winner is given an award, engraved with their personal logo.

One could ask, why all this fuss if it is just but like any other award? No. This is an award ceremony on another level, reserved for only a single date in a year and planned from day one of the year.

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The founders say: “the most expensive award in the world can fail to fulfill its purpose if the manner in which it is presented is not warm, genuine, public, honest, and humble.”

The first edition in Western Kenya was held in Maseno University. The November Night Gala was such a thrilling event as big universities like Moi University (Eldoret), Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (Kisumu), Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Kakamega), graced the event.

Lately, more categories have been introduced to award as many talents as possible. From artists to influencers, singers to fashionists, academicians to athletes.

Maseno emerged position one, adding to its fame of hosting the event. Just so we know a little about this big internationally-recognized event, what are its perks?

First, it has its own major categories which are: Corporate Awards Catalog, Recognition Works and Trophy Catalog. In some other parts of the world, there is an added Donor Wall Recognition. Participants in the named catalogs are sent forms(online) to fill their interests and what makes them outstanding in their areas of expertise.

Students are sent links through which they access those forms, mainly in the format of google docs. One never knows how it’s going to be. Of course participants, especially the most aggressive ones, try to campaign in the varsity WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages. But all this is in vain if you are not famous or you’re just not good at what you do.

The winners get a boosted reputation and some are awarded contracts and internships after their graduation.

A source said, “Recognition separates you as a leader – whether your title does or not, while connecting you at a deeper level, shows you desire to understand what motivates a person or team. Recognizing their achievements helps you achieve yours as a by-product.”

Honestly, there is no other colossal way to appreciate skill and talent but to publicly recognize them.



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