#ReopenGarissaUniversity, #NEPNiKenya Residents tells @UKenyatta and the Government


North eastern Kenya residents have ganged up under the hashtag #NEPNiKenya to send a strong message to the government to reopen the only university in the region. Garissa university was closed permanently after an Alshaab attack resulted to more than 147 deaths and several injuries. The government decided to close down the institution after indications that no student was willing to go back to the Garissa town based university.

Kenyans on twitter have also joined the crowd from North eastern to show their solidarity through trending of the hashtag #ReopenGarissaUniversity . The students had vowed never to go back in the institution. New developments has also seen Garissa Teachers college students demand relocation to other parts of the country citing intimidation by locals and constant threats from the militia gang. The group about a week spend close to 6 days outside the offices of the ministry of education to demand their relocation.

Some of the tweets shared are set as follows:

“My prayers are with the #147 N their families but attack happened due to failure of govt,not fair to punish locals #ReopenGarissaUniversity”,Amina Farah said.

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“NEP too has rights like any other region. If the government can’t protect its citizen dont blame on the locals #ReopenGarissaUniversity”,Farhiya said.

“When #Malala was shot, she didn’t have to give up on education. The Garissa Uni students shouldn’t have to either. #ReopenGarissaUniversity “, IAmNaimaMohamed said.

“Y’all tweeting about #ReopenGarissaUniversity but the security measures are still lackluster. Disaster waiting to happen. “MichaelAngelo reiterated.

Dikembe officially known as Seth Odongo also had this to say….

We can #ReopenGarissaUniversity and send all children of northern kenya politicians there. #AvoidGarissaUniversity. As locals work hard to #ReopenGarissaUniversity; I urge non-locals to #AvoidGarissaUniversity @ItsMutai

“Its not yet safe to #ReopenGarissaUniversity when North eastern Kenya is still shedding tears and bleeding! @NijengeKe”, added Yegon Emmanuel.

“Please take a minute and observe who is really advocating for #ReopenGarissaUniversity, there is no education without security. come on!!!”, Winnie Wekesa argued.

All students who had survived the attack were relocated to Moi university main campus in Eldoret. They are still undergoing counselling sessions and are currently sitting for their end semester exams. The schools administration had agreed that the students will be allowed to relocate to other campuses closer to their homes in order for to continue with the healing process and complete their higher education.



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