Retrosexual’s Corner: Benard Kibet Falls “In Love” ,Willy Paul Releases Tiga Wana,Let The Year End


The law that governs the hyena is that if it does not eat the sheep, the sheep will eat it, maybe the sheep has not just realized how scared the hyena is, how its meat can be a huge change of diet and an eye opener. Truth is that we need to think and think about real issues out here.Willy Paul has released some Stuff  “Tiga wana” and Kenyans are everywhere wondering wether the devil is a Kikuyu.Jeff Koinange has left the standard media group and one Miguna Miguna is somewhere smiling big,at least KTN could not take in more of his noise on how he was secretly filmed, My friend Benard Kibet has finally fallen in Love and I no longer get to see him, he has joined the Cheruo battalion, for once I thought he made his threat of Moving to Dubai true, only to see a picture of him and his said running mate kissing under sun somewhere in the busy Metropolitan Njokerio,A lot is happening ,allow me fight one more time. This is the Retrosexual’s Corner.

Look, have you ever had this female friend who you want to “take home” but then again she treats you like her small brother and you are like “Come on, I have 99 relatives and you are not even closer to one of them!” ,I think such are the real hardships in silence Gufy talked about in his album. The year is coming to a close and the ladies are tearing us apart, they are friend zoning us without warning, I wonder how one Benard Kibet managed to convince on of them, I mean, Congratulations bro, at least after being Zoned for about four years, you already learnt your lessons and did your research. You Must have spelt out the rule on the first meet “Unaweza nifanyia kila kitu unafikiria lakini usijaribu kuni Friend Zone”  .Benard Kibet is a clear example of how we can still change things as a nation.

I was born in some small village in South Nyanza where the only beautiful lady I ever saw was on a TV advert if not on the infamous show “The Bold And The Beautiful” ,years on I have grown big ,I have seen a lot of damsels who think they are beautiful, Men who think they are handsome and can have any lady they meet out here .truth is that there are a lot of things we do that the world never gets to see, all these ladies who post filtered pictures on Instagram look like the pictures they never had the guts to post, so brother don’t be scared, when the storm calms and Bernard Kibet finally breaks up with his short term Lover, you will get to understand why this generation largely consists of single mothers and dead beat fathers.

But then again there is no worse thing in Africa like being friend zoned by a lightskin,mostly this one with some un-proportional  hips, this one whose lips you have never seen since you first met her, she has been hiding them under some soil like lipstick, she came to college and believed that being light skin is beauty, she friend zones you even if you don’t want to have her ,you already friend zoned yourself before greeting her, she does not know though, she goes to bed feeling hot ,she wakes up telling of how you are texting and calling her, come on, a broken screen still takes a clear screenshot. My truth is that because we are lying to God that we love him so much, he has casted a spell on us and we now cannot Love unconditionally.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. I’ll sue you for defamation, my crush just forwarded this link to me meaning all my romantic advances towards her have been thwarted thanks to you

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