Retrosexual’s Corner: Its 2026 and God is Sad,Too Many Women but Not Even One Wife


Last Friday i was privileged to attend a Kesha somewhere in Nakuru,sipping the Word of God using big cups only for the rest of the night. Seeing young Men and Women dance and praise the Lord in the top of their voices reminded me how much i had missed the wonder of this world.For once i sat down feeling so peaceful,all my troubles were drawn away with the Loud songs of Praise. We had five preachers for the night ,all of them spoke directly to me ,the third preacher said something i want to talk about today on this column.

When God Created Adam and made Eve out of him,Life begun. If you have been closer to your bible you have realized that God did not have any direct interaction with Eve throughout their stay in the Garden. When he spoke, He did it through Adam,from then ,the narrative of a women being submissive to the husband started. That a woman should be a company to her husband and should not at any moment raise her voice under any circumstance in a manner likely to suggest arrogance or rudeness towards the male,from the beginning the man was portrayed as the leader of a the home and a woman’s heart.Man called the shots,when he spoke,his voice was final and a woman was not allowed to add anything ,when men spoke back in the day,the deaf listened and the blind saw the wisdom in their judgments.

Its 2016 and things have changed ,both men and women have changed,we have forgotten and we must be reminded all the time,that maybe explains why we have pointers and banners in the streets to tell us where we are heading to and how far we are to our destination,even Facebook has come up with a reminder in their news feed each day reminding us on what we posted back then ,so today 1st of September in good faith i want to remind the ladies of who they are ,about how they should carry themselves before men.Regardless of Whether you are a light-skin or dark skin,who the hell do you think you are that you can raise your voice before man?

African has done really some good injustice to civilized women,young ladies now think they can be the head,Education has come and soiled what we really stood for as a society,being submissive to your husband or lover does not make you an insect,so some of you beat up men and cut their body parts thinking that its the way through,funnily enough the men don’t retaliate ,simply because retaliation is for fools and an elephant finds no pleasure in Killing a rat.If we are only going to imagine smiles online through some emoji crafted by the whites,if we are going to talk only through the phone and rub off our past ,then in the next ten years we are not going to have any man on the face of this already sordid planet,we are going to have women and no Wives,all the men will go single and you will all head to Facebook and see this article popping up on your timeline as a reminder.

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Being submissive does not make you a lesser woman,it makes your relationship even more peaceful and fun ,it makes you a beautiful woman before Man and God.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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