Retrosexual’s Corner:Egerton First Years Angelic In Micro-Miniskirts On Day Two!


There was once a lady who thought that she knew a thing or two about fashion. So she went ahead and designed the smallest miniskirt ever seen on earth.

She did not get very far with her miniskirt as she and her husband were banned from the land where they were trying to open a clothes shop.

The lady was none other than Eve wife of Adam and the mother of a fellow called Cain and another one called Abel. She and her husband lived in a place (or was it a garden?) called Eden and she thought that a single leaf was enough to wear as the only form of clothing.

She wore that mini-skirt in Eden until she and her man discovered that man and woman could not live on mangoes alone and so they ate forbidden apples.

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22nd of this month Egerton University Main campus admitted new students, first of all I would like to congratulate whoever did the selection, on behalf of my friend Wuguru,I must say that the person who choose this lot to join Egerton university once again tried to prove that  the biblical Solomon must have been buried next to his “Simba”,the ladies now in their first year of study here at Njoro are so beautiful, I have never used the term “beautiful” on this column since its interception ,in fact I rarely use it ,that I have decided to put it here is enough evidence to confirm to non-believers out there that currently and maybe for the next two months, the university of Njoro is the bedrock of beauty, backyard where beauty is found,infact high priests of sin who are coming in from tomorrow will easily mistake the place for Heaven because of the manner in which angels are moving around so freely trying to explore this and that.

The year is 2016 and the newly admitted first years were on point from as early as day two walking around in micro-miniskirts like the coolest thing ,majority of them are already adapting to the tales of campus they heard while in high school, a good number are still scared of everything, the advice and prayers their parents gave them leaving home is still fresh in their memories, it will take time for them to forget, that is if they decide to walk against everything, there is one thing though that all of you already donning these micro mini’s should know, that when you treat each other nicely, when you live in peace with your new friends in your various rooms and attend church not parties at senior common rooms, then you are beautiful ,your outer beauty and looks do not count when you have an ugly soul. Micro-miniskirts will be interesting to you but then again along the way you will learn to understand that at one moment all you need is nothing monetary but just someone to hold your hand and walk you along, that person should know how deep your life is not by you opening up to him or her but by you dressing well and being an inspiration through all you do from the first day of admission.

Time moves so fast I tell you ,from the Retrosexuals desk you need to understand that human beings cannot be trusted that much, mostly the male specie, most of them are jetting in this Friday from whatever place they have been hiding for the last three months, they are tired and frustrated ,they are that type who can watch an hour episode in thirty minutes, that group that lost its virginity before their parents did ,they win on land and nothing can scare them out here and they won’t hesitate to follow you in that micro miniskirt ,they will get you ,they have done it before and they will  it again, like you know ,some people train to look good and be fit, some just train to kick your Ass!

From the Retrosexual’s Corner we wish you a good time, welcome to the Retrosexual’s Corner, your best company for relationship stories as they are without editing. Airports has more sincere kisses than weddings and hospitals have more deep and true prayers than churches.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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