Retrosexual’s Corner:Getting Pregnant In Your Teens Is Not A Curse,Stop This ABORTION Nonsense


Whatever game you think you are playing with your life, the word is not playing it with you. My life stopped being about trust, it’s now about staying alive and giving my eyes some work daily as I walk down the dusty road trying to catch up with one of my dreams, I have tried as much as possible to keep my private life private in public .The world is surely another name for Hell, things have changed, people don’t care, people don’t dare ,everybody thinks about their neighbours’ business and forgets about theirs, seemingly we have all forgotten that “an ugly child of your own is more to you than a beautiful one belonging to your neighbour”.

This is the 21st century and we don’t care, ladies too don’t care, they have forgotten that from them spring’s women, women who we all deserve to look up to in admiration and love. Truly speaking today we look at a lady and think otherwise. This is the Retrosexual’s Corner and I am Mr. Retrosexual.

The society has fixed us up, currently a girl can be 21 with 3 kids while another can be 18 with 3 abortions but people will judge the one at 21 because her decisions are seen, her decisions are visible ,that explains why almost five out of ten ladies you meet looking angelic out there have secured an abortion,I am so proud of all the ladies who have decided to keep their kids alive ,they are bringing to the world a force to reckon with, they are bringing to the world hope, love ,they are bringing peace Love and unity we all have forgotten. Ladies in the 21st century have hate in their hearts, love in their mind and blood in their eyes, there is no room for normalcy though, they have forgotten what they really Love for, What they get pregnant for, the truth is that the moment you get pregnant it’s no longer about the man behind it, it’s about you standing your ground to keep the baby, the narrative we have seen though is so different because these ladies have been taught the simplest way to hold the world and drop it on our heads.

In Chess, the small one can become the big one, in the game of Love ,the small one BECOMES the big one only if he/she is allowed to Live ,it’s funny how the current crop of ladies just move on after abortions like nothing ever happened, you can easily mistake them for movie stars, there is nothing good in blaming the men for everything that has ever gone south in your life including the death of Jesus Christ when you carry his child for only one month or less and decide to kill before dawn, the next stage is convincing the poor animal telling him how you had a  miscarriage. The truth is that we are all struck in a generation where loyalty is just a tattoo, Love is just a quote, happiness has become a myth and lying is the new truth.

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Most of these abortions are carried out in college and campuses, youth ladies want to remain tight and on form. Let’s get it straight, we are sending a wrong message to the young, we can change that though, getting pregnant in your teens is not a curse, ask your Mother when she gave birth to your first born and you will understand how better off you are. It’s a chance to write another story and spread hope. But then again when you follow the path of your Mother, you learn to walk like her!

“Magaidi wanakesha bar wakiburudishwa na bendi la Mashujaa” ,Those are my thoughts on abortion ,share yours on the comment box or on twitter @KoyoOdongo and @MagazineReel.

No warnings please am a Retrosexual.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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