Revealed: How to Place Bets in Sportpesa while in Kenya and Win Daily

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Before I give you free money on Sportpesa today, Let me share with you the most important factor in gambling or betting. You should not be losing everyday when what everybody does is win win win!. Come with me and you will be rich within a week.

Again, it doesn’t matter which betting site you go for; each is equal to the other. They all want to take your money and run just as SportPesa did. But don’t you worry, you can still have all the money you lost to SportPesa. Read through and find out how.

One most important commodity in your betting job should be your ability to detect Form and logic as vital variables. You also need to try and find trends as well as how teams perform against specific oppositions but soccer has several variables than any one type of sport. Therefore, always listen to your gut, if you can. Professional gamblers back a team on the first match when a new manager goes in, regardless of the team’s form. This is because a new boss or manager will most likely have a big impact in that first match.

They also tend to go for goal scorers going back to their old clubs. This is because they will most likely up their performance in order to bag a goal against them. This is not logic so you don’t want to spend hours thinking about it. It’s just based on gut feelings and works with soccer.

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At the end of the day, avoid being bullied into any of your soccer bets. Try to focus on the league and market where you can regularly triumph!

So how can you bet on SportPesa while it is banned in Kenya?

Despite not working here, the betting site is making people rich in Tanzania and Europe. Infact, it has its headquarters in Liverpool UK. Its Website can be accessed by anyone from around the world but only restricted to those in Kenya. So, you’ll need to acquire a registered Tanzanian sim card and use it to sign up and login to play. No two way about it. Find out ways with which you can get a communications sim card from Tanzania or any other sim card which is recognized as international and not necessarily from a specific country and use.

Once you have succeeded in opening an account with SportPesa, you can deposit funds into your betting wallet directly from your bank account using your debit card or you could load your PayPal and transfer cash to SportPesa Digital Wallet. Sahihi Bet, a tipstar company can then help you in placing your bets and winning daily in SportPesa.

But you really dont need to go through all the hustles, there are so many betting sites allowed to operate legally in Kenya. You can get all the money you lost in SportPesa from them through Sahihi Bet. How?

Sahihi Bet professionals can make you win atleast 10,000 shillings per week and up to 40,000 shillings per month. Interesting to you? Right? Yes, they manage several accounts in various betting sites and people are winning daily without having to do anything. They only login to their accounts to withdraw cash when they need it. Very Convenient.

To have them manage your account, there are conditions laid down which must be followed. After meeting all this, you’ll not need to worry about any other thing on betting, they’ll do everything and make money for you as you go about your other businesses.

Conditions to be Met

  1. Pick a Plan; Weekly or Monthly
  2. Pay 2,000 shillings for Weekly Plan and 6,0000 shillings for Monthly as service charge. This must be sent via MPESA to 0792862269.
  3. Deposit 1000 shillings to your betting account in any site you prefer
  4. Send the name of your Betting site, username and Password to 0758271865.

Immediately, you’ll be able to have them manage your account and help you win daily.

You can as well receive safe slips from Sahihi Bet and place them on your own to win cash prizes daily. Daily slips go for 250 shillings, Weekly (7 Day) 1000 shillings and Monthly 3,500 shillings. Youll receive 10 to 15 odds slip each day.

You can also get a 3 sure odds ticket daily for a weekly price of 2,000 shillings. This never loses and it is used to bankroll.

Kindly note that all payments are made via MPESA to 0792862269. You can SMS or Call 0758271865. You can also like their page on Facebook or Join their Channel on Telegram.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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