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Football fanaticism in Kenya morose at our campuses is a huge deal. Soccer is considered the greatest game worldwide. It’s followed by masses all over. One such great event is the World Cup. The greatest bets in soccer has been seen at the World Cup. Vehicles,large sums of money and other precious valuables have been lost through bets.

Interestingly,a new platform has risen in Kenya in the name of Sportpesa. Participants place their bets via mobile money transfer hours before the official kick-off. Classified under three categories-single bet, multi bet and the lumpsum jackpot. Comrades prefer multi bet where they choose the big teams playing against the teams considered weak.

SportpesaChoosing from the competitive leagues worldwide, winning such bets require a properly researched analysis. With the jackpot currently at over 8.6million, a group of comrades from the University of Nairobi converge at a common place every Friday night for a detailed analysis. Their football expertise is a force to reckon. Unluckily lady-luck has never been on their side to crack the jackpot.

One Fredrick Mutiso alias Mabior de Mabior recently walked on the moon after predicting 11 out of the 13 games right and won Ksh31,070. His joy was unparalleled and he vowed to continue in his trade by placing the bets. For those who lack proper knowledge in football, their money has been going down the drain.

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Sportpesa has become a full time job for some comrades. Sitting at distinct places in the campus environment, they are usually seen comparing notes on the possible win, draw or cases of goals issuing from both sides. Conversations are all about Sportpesa in campus. Comrades money are consumed by this online luck-based hustle.

Ben Tyson, a Third Year Journalism student at a local campus in Nairobi recently purchased a new set of furniture courtesy of the betting site. He had a multi bet of Ksh41,706 in a single day. Such cases converts one into life membership of the betting site.

On the contrary, a student who sought anonymity confessed to have lived at the mercy of friends for close to a whole semester after losing Ksh9,000 in a span of two weeks. He had placed bets of Ksh4000 and Ksh5000 with hopes of recovery but unluckily lost both. An almost similar case saw a lady from Lower Kabete Campus fail to register for her semester’s units in time. She had hoped for a win only to be treated to a shocking loss.

To the ardent fans of Sportpesa, share your experiences in the comment box. The game continues,twende game!



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  1. I Silas Alumela a student at technical university of Mombasa lost in sport pesa 43000 that I had set aside to purchase laptop that I could have used for research since I pursue industrial chemistry that requires alot of research

  2. Lol…. New hustle in town! I am in it and have been making loads of cash from it. Check out for my site coming nxt week which will be offering consultancy services plus you can buy it shares with amount raised invested back to sportpesa

  3. Av lost at the same time av won,but if anyone is a good gambler whatsapp me 0729375671,and for sure we will grow together.Representing moi university town campus(eldy)

  4. 💰💰luck is wat happens wen preparition meets opportunity⚽ mugaa jmp @university of kabianga.

  5. That headline though….some of us have received most CONGRATULATIONS than they did in their primary n sec school level…that for UON meeting…maaaaad

  6. Am currently living on the mercies of buddies after consecutive losses @ spesa n elite resp…big win is my ambition,rep UoN chiromo

  7. Am a sportpesa master..And I quite my job for it..Now i have a company tht only betts with a hired crew..We hit the target 100000 daily

  8. ts fun hv won more times as compared to the losses it all depends on your view of football.. big up @sportpesa kakasuo rep moi University West campus

  9. Nothing to say…but mark you Sportpesa is a registered company with a license to conduct betting business…!

  10. i hav lost tripple wat i hav won..if u r a guru at predictions txt/watzup best options to 0718286794.. ntakusort after each win

  11. I gave seen my friends spend lots of time on sportpesa. Some are fortunate while others, like me, only celebrate the luck of others. Am still fresh in the game but am certain that I will go for the “pot”. Either a big win or nothing at all. ( wais Representing UoE)

  12. football has been commercialized. betting sites negotiate with fc hence loses to much betted side, this are planned activies open your eyez guyz.

  13. Mad gambler,#egerton university…I kill the bets alive and swallow the wins agape… A die hard in the betting sector.. RUWENZORI 38::

  14. check on this kenya betting site ;; XXXXX
    you can bet with as little as ksh. 1. Bet small, win big!!!

  15. it is so painful to place a bet in sportpesa and win almost all bets but only one team lets u down ending up losing…am alwsys stressed up so i keep on betting inorder to recover the amount i have lost….representing maseno university main campus

  16. wonderful but ..sometimes taking too much money and time anyway ..past months won around 8 k but this days am risk averse!! Don know y!!!?

  17. Its always a win-loose situation. Its called gambling. It gets into your blood quicker than any liquid haha……n all u do when free is try to analyze the next bets. The new hustle

  18. It is real I placed 15000 on Atletico vs Vslencia – draw n won 52950 pesa taslimu. …..I did not sleep.

  19. u guys are complaining and yet no one force u 2 place a bet,if u don’t know anything about football fuck off.

  20. Huwanga hivo wenzangu,I started betting in Dec 2014 hadi xai bado nabet;it’s luck kweli n xo painfull to be messed up at the nineteenth minute of the game.Msife moyo wenzangu lakini!

  21. Hi mates, a little bit of advice here. I enjoy betting everyday particularly on sportpesa. As you’ll agree, there are critical issues that every gamble needs to know such as safe betting, when to hold “em” and “fold em”. If not cautious, betting can get to rough ends and change a life, bro. While it can be very exhilarating, careless betting will leave you miserable. This is for the Sportpesa addicts, try to find a way of managing yourself or just say “QUIT” when you can’t hold it for longer. It’s that simple! Thanks and stay blessed!

  22. last weekend i had a debt of 12500. i prayed God and then decided to bet in sportpesa whereby possible win was 15650. luckily enough i won and cleared the debt. sometimes i do my shopping through sportpesa. on the other hand i do loose but sijaloose hope. #masenouniversity

  23. Luck comes around and goes around.You lose 32k and win 8.62m isn’t that amazing!
    Let willing people try their lucks.

  24. Comment
    My stake of sh100 multipled to a possible win of 11K and fortunately I bagged the amount.It’s a real game!!!
    Though frm that day,LOSING TREND has been followin me like hell of fire!!!
    Prmise that will NEVER GIVE UP…representing UON.

  25. Comment
    lost my rent 3k over the weekend n now pirating for the fear of my landlord who has bn waiting for my payment for a week.KIMATHI uni

  26. Sportpesa is true,i have won 5 times,20K 1500,8k 650 n latest was 58 k tho i hav also lost 22k,i have made a profit of 66 in God as you bet n pray coz all tht time i win i do that,thanks God always,dont lose hope people

  27. I have lost several bets last weekend of over 4 k but i hope for big won…jaramogi university-Bondo

  28. watu wengi wanapoteza pesa kwa umalaya,pombe na hata kwa washwash,why to cry so loud,play with money to get money

  29. truly to say sportpesa is not fare you find youv’e placed multibet but one game makes one to loose all money certainly consider that opnion to say!Rep st paul’s kisii kampass

  30. Only those who bet daily including teams they don’t even know lose miserably. Learn to bet on teams you know maybe once a week. Good luck!!! Pwani Uni

  31. Comment
    Analyse the form of players bet wisely en u wil win many times compared to the loosing side
    Have also tried en av lost most of the tyms bt am hoping for abig nest

  32. Comment
    Analyse the form of players bet wisely en u wil win many times compared to the loosing side
    Have also tried en av lost most of the tyms bt am hoping for abig nest
    representing kibuco campus

  33. Real game. Won 852K on a 20multbet. Relocated from my single room to a 2bed house. Now working hard to win 1M + that will buy me a good vitz. Thank you Sportpesa

  34. Its being controlled by illuminati,endeleeni kupoteza pesa mtarudi mtaani mkaibe kuku za watu.Mtasota mshangae.Sii mjiulize kwa nini hyo jackpot inashinda millions of kenyans kama haicontroliwi,u just see football stars n wen they score they av ways 2 thnk there Devils.

  35. Hv greatly losed thousands wdhin a span of few wiks.i borrowed a loan from M-SHWARI wth op of winnig, it wac swept away only to hustle in order to pay de loan back comrades take caution of dis gamble( ROBA A.K.A MATINEZ RONGO UNIVERSITY)

  36. I used to bet royal sports betting in Kampala Uganda and for sure I won several times….now its in Kenya wow we gonna be millionaires for sure.

  37. ii kitu n mzuri kama una ubongo ..moreso elitebet..nan aliwah bet ile game ya sevilla na dpniro prior te day bfo te match..ilikuwa imeekwa kimoja as two had money wasee.nkotanct 0710886075 niwasho vee twafaa kufanya

  38. av lost more than 100k bt hakuna pain ju i dont hundle the cash inassacurate kwa simu bt i cant give a fuck

  39. Guyz am nw in ths game and ind mst of ua hips plz 2saidianeni 4beter life lv u all plyt hlp me and gve me tactcs on hw 2wn

  40. Have ever won good money but have lost even a sure game..its generally a better place to make money

  41. I like sportpesa because u see how fair it is. …not partial in anyway….have enjoyed their awards BT sometimes I do lose obvious matches due to uncertainties…….from University of Eldoret……Chepkoielel.

  42. have never won… lost mostly. but I know will win soon big time coz betting is all about lack!! and football is an predictable the table can change upside down the best team losing or landing on a draw…..#UsemoneytogetMoney

  43. qwani I cant delete my earlier comment? nigaz bagging me wid fake ass predictionz wid hopz zikiwin ntawasort..nkt. I nolonger bet,thanx

  44. With patience, you can win good money. But if you place a multi bet with 100 bob and expect to win more than 5k each time…hahaa! Enjoy loosing you money! Place a multibet of maximum 5 games with a return of 300-700 shillings, and see how much you will be making slowly by slowly. You can try the Jackpot once in a while…responsibly!

  45. Am a student of Maasai Mara Universty.i have never withdrawed from sportpesa in all bets have kuloss nimekuwa hopeful that that one can’t kill my day will be mine and always pray 4 it to come to pass.

  46. Infact this game have been leaving many of the people moreso students pissed…like for example here in uninersity of eldoret student are losing some slots of cash everyday thinking that they could be luckywinners but as a return …they juxt get supprised of their 100/- being swallowed….in which they are feeding people while they are on their chair!!!lets watch-out please boys….!!!

  47. i never lose hope in betting.lost a couple of times but also won big,,am a gambler guru but also lose kwanza jackpot imenilemea kabisa,,guys be selfless n team up,,ma contacts-0701515119-JKUAT uni

  48. Earned 11K on a multibet of 100! Dont bet with much expectation,u will faint nigga! Guys betting with huge sums,avoid multibet!

  49. av been placing multibet in sportpesa and winning is fellows who are frequently winning the spot cash,,please assist me on the creteria being used..rep. Masinde muliro university comrades

  50. Hello guys am a Nairobi University Student willing to share my knowledge on betting and on return i will need your favour. Av worked with most of the famous guys in Kenya so contact me via whatzup 0727178869.In short i sell bets frm my head and i loose only thrice or twice per month

  51. Hello guys am a Nairobi University Student willing to share my knowledge on betting and on return i will need your favour.
    Av worked with most of the famous guys in Kenya so contact me via whatzup 0727178869.
    In short i sell bets frm my head and i loose only thrice or twice per month and my tips are 1/x,x/1,1/1,2/2,x/x and others frm 2.0-10.00odds.
    If interested contact me i have won at least 4.5m frm this tips.

  52. sportpesa imenisotesha hadi nadaiwa mshwari loan sijawahi kuna time narusha 100 asubuhi kuamka 1000k hehe kila nyani na siku yake” rep TUK”

  53. Am now targeting the Jackpot,I placed 600/= to last week’s Jackpot and walk home with 161K.Try your luck.S pesa is real.

  54. Losing is real and so is winning… Seeing congratulations early in the day makes my day…. Am not a guru but thumbs up sportpesa… Representing K.U main cumpas…..
    Wacha tamaa n u will smile al day long

  55. This thing is real..aiming at jackpot.rep pwani campus.the other day i placed 200.kuamka nmewin yote.12k each

  56. Guys betting is tricky and can be easy win too if u follow some simple guides, I have been personally participating in sportpesa and I can confess that they are paying my rent and soon they will buy me a plot. Text me orn whatsapp and I will let u know how you can easily get some cash. Acha tamaa ya multi bets, betting more than five games is a lot of risk. Yes the odds will be high but on several occasions one team will let u down. Here is the trick text or whatsapp me 0724493646

  57. Comment :am forcd 2 blv there is xamthn behind the scenes i lose frequently with a team that rarely lose kwani watx the idea behind getn 7 games corectly in a multibet n failing wit a single team wit such a funny odd!

  58. To-date I have lost nearly sh.9700 on Sportpesa on only using one sim and sh.1050 on the other sim,Sportpesa has drag me broke but still I wouldn’t loose hope I must win the jackpot whatsoever come may.

  59. l personally i losed alot with sportpesa.but l will keep on coz l believe one day l gonna win a chuck of money,then my sorrow of loosing everyday will be reversed into happiness.Technical University of Mombasa.

  60. Comment. I loughed greatly the day i placed 20k on a multbet and won 164k. Bt two days latter i loss 40k within two day. Am proud of sportpesa

  61. whatever u sei ma friends,bettn z lk card gamin.2dei u win àlot bt 2morro u lose whatever u won Jana. so much care z needed

  62. Wacheni ufala Ng’ombe hizi!!! Unabet aje na 40k na ndio tu pesa iko kwa ac yako na mamako anagojea umutumie support kidogo na bro yako hajalipiwa fees ya primo??? Funda nyinyi!!!

    Bet moderately. Mi nko na doh poa, gari poa, nyumba yangu, good savings, sisemi am a milionaire but…

    I bet a maximum of 10k ile game!!

    Wisen up guys be cautious, and wish you luck.

    I even bet 500 and i make sure am sure sure at least 70% of the games, guaranteed win, mabao bet,

  63. Hey guys, I am glad to see that many of you are interested in Sportpesa. I am in the process of starting a company that will specialise in betting.

    I am looking for serious people who can sit down and analyse a game. If you are interested in being part of the NEXT BIG thing. Please email me at I will add you to our Whatssup group where we sometimes do the analysis.


    Lets make some money.

  64. nahshn moi unvsty ld
    beting n poa cuz in 90 min u av earnd alot. beting has emplyd mi, i ‘eat’, ‘drink’ sportpesa xa kudai n mbya tx only you huna bahati

  65. Once a gambler alwaiz a gambler. If feel th pain tuh loose how do u expect to win also kaa ngumu.
    I wll not stop gambling…

  66. have gambled bt this thing needs displine which i lackd.i wud win 4k then place it all n currently on break wil gamble later

  67. moi uni town campus…. sportpesa I biliv its a site where one needs lack and not knowledge to win… its quite an interesting platform to earn or loose money…

  68. rep. moi town campus eld betting needs no knowledge its a matter of luck… keep betting u never know u maybe the next jackpot winner… a life changing cash indeed

  69. Tumieni elitebet. i bet with as low as five shillings na nawin 300. tamaa ya pesa mingi will suck yo pockets

  70. Am 4rom karatina university…. Am great after loosing alot,…2day evry weekend i pocket 15000 using my 1000…..i hv assisted some individuals n are smiling … mi pliz….coz i was also helped. All losers lack basic knowledge.0723762751

  71. I have placed so many bets and i ve lost bt i have not given up,i wd lk those who are good i betting to help me,my 0716035367

  72. consider double chance betting kama…..1X where u only have one
    chance to lose…away win
    make use of prediction/analysis websites

  73. BET AND DIE POOR…..all said and done am analysing this weekz jackpot. im sitting on 16.5 m now.lazima nikaplace whatever the outcome…….hahaha

  74. i placed a jp and i was targeting to hit 13 out 13 but unluckly got 10/13 and out of this i had a hope of collecting a huge sum of money but do u know what! i got sh647 only.

  75. hae guyz bet is a “game theory” ordeal from statistics,the rule of “no regret stil prevails”pals

  76. sportpesa is living as jobless after there website breakdown, hurry and compensate us for unnotified situation Moi uni main

  77. Am representing cooperative University sport pesa is the only way in which money Can work for you losing and gaining is the part of the fam

  78. Av lost av won bt i kip on,pple hav lost millions on gambling bt they neva luz hop,i dnt mind luzin wisely win with flying colours.

  79. Leo hii nusura matumbo yanichomoke comrades,,17K gone from a multibet that culd give me 93K,,i was sure with the 4 teams as usual,,huwa naplace bet za maximum 900 bob frm 100bob,,infact nlikua nmewin 5 tymz consecutively… And thz was sch fee,,cjui ni wapi ntatorokea…represntn Kisii university

  80. Ths yr av lost 8000 mi u bet tu na so moja coz mi uwa tu kasafara bt bado cjamek profit bt i ll not loze ops God is up thea atanionekania. Reprsntng safara univasity kiembeni campus

  81. I have lost 5000 with sportpesa in the 2014/2015 seasons but I do hope for more money for the next seasons. Representing Embu university comrades

  82. the first rule of betting is tht u bet on money that u consider a loss,who said u are a winner hapa……kama huelewi,endelea kutajirisha sportpesa,so far i have lost nothing,becz iv won more than the losses,

  83. I just wonder hawa sportpesa walikuanga wapi b4 2014, thy cud hv come 2005, thz arsnl ppl who r desperate 4 money ndio wanacomplain hawajui ball let them try kuimba taarab ya kiingereza

  84. Thats why its a game is unpredictable but its a choice of lack..av lost and won a couple f times but lost more.neva giv up u neva knw where your lucky day is awaiting.rep pwani university..

  85. when is this weeks JACKPOT results out …and if u win when are u notified? KINDLY LEAVE A COMMENT
    CAN WHATSUP ME 0727162041

  86. Nothing like luck in sportprsa. U must do alot of research n hav a considerable knowledge of football.. And of Gods guidance to win.

  87. who said sportpesa takes your money???????????????????????????? its you who did not bet well if you bet against a good team like arsenal and then they end up winning was it sportpesa that tld them to win? they gave you an opportunity of winning but u dint win so its up to u not the betting co. jisaidie baba ama mummie

  88. sportpesa machete wajama majuju i swea….weneva i bet 4 gor ndio inadraw io ni nini??bayern lost 4 tyms in a row afta winning bundesliga brazil n argentina let me down in copa america… nw really broke cnt bet anymo.

  89. Guys- let me give advce on how i play it safe, u just dont close eyes & place th finger on 1 team na kusema Mungu saidia, u annalyse, compare team A & B iko numbr ngapi, check their last 5matches performances, check nani ako form kw sasa, again consider Home advantage, check Head to Head performance, then finaly compare pesa yenye wamepewa each team, thts how u arrive at th answer

  90. representing pwani university. only lost 800 bob to sportpesa. I hv won 3 times.. 7k , 32k and 350 bob.
    we survive on sportpesa. today I hv placed a bet of possible win ksh 48k hoping to purchase a laptop from the cash

  91. Plenty of liars on here about how much they have won. FACT: GAMBLING IS NOT A SOURCE OF INCOME BUT ENTERTAINMENT. So called professional gamblers who make a living out of gambling represent less than 5% of the gambling population. Work hard, save your manoey and buy what you want, you’ll get there-wacheni shortcut!

  92. I’ve won more than
    ….30 times small
    .amounts of money
    … and hope to win
    …millions in future

  93. I understand using probability if u place 500 times of different bets of jackpot, once must be correct, try and see

  94. have lost over 10k but am fortunate to get a clue. lf you want to win big go for double chance HOME/DRAW multibet with 3 sure games. .. odds will hover around 1.7//1.8 good luck. representing Maseno main campus

  95. sportpesa is the best deal ever, sometimes we win n at times loose, so before betting, sit back n calculate hw to win n the consequences of loosing bt nt just pouring every coin u have ndo upate mingi

  96. Am new but hav been losing by a game or two n somtimes draw. Its better than doin nothing. Am waiting on ma luck las vegas twende!

  97. I have money but I have never put it into sportpesa. It is very frustrating to hear that students are investing school fees into this gamble. So worrying. Parents should pay fees directly


  99. If u place a bet on a fixed match u lose….no performance considered in most games nowadays are manmade. So bet on Match fix free bets where performance favours u….remember betting companies esp European based are so influential to game results as we bet b4 game starts…They have all the data before game…..THINK TWICE OR LOSE MISERABLY.

  100. last month I made good money from sportpesa I was among the guys who bonus jackpot of cash 547000 and just by using 100 shillings

  101. Sorry for those who have bn loosing, one thing aren’ t proffesional in this, my dears football has some rules which some of u have not known. If u did basic math its easy to win but not more than ten games in a multbet.Its paying better than any job u can imagine.0717784315 u can watsapp for guidance n the rules for your own good.

  102. Betting has just changed my life. Getting at least 5500 per day/2days isn’t bad, though I don’t use Sportpesa,I know why.

    I give free assistance because this money is also free


  103. I don’t like sport pesa stake ya soo Na ka hauna kismat utasota msee! Unaona possible win Ni mirage.. comrades whatsapp me Tu analyse mabao bet on elite. 0707571080 peace!

  104. Hey guys hawayuni
    Well sportpesa is a business. Lyk any business is always steered towards benefiting the OWNER! Now if the is a multimillion enterprise the owner should also be a millionaire. So how many sportpesa made millionaires do you know, I know very few, but all are just but fortunate. So fellow students just get to your safaricom app check the total transactions sent vs received for the last few months then you’ll see what I mean. Remember a gambler is just an extravagant client not the entrepreneur!
    And that is positive!

  105. single bets with a Serious take can act as an employment But wen u multibet u only need one BAD odd to Join a crew of loosers so lets be carefull so as to catch the “cat”

  106. I have won 25,10 and 32,959 but lost close to 15k for a period less than 5’s gambling so bet wisely knowing you can either loose or win.For those who have not started pls don’t.

  107. I av won 5k since I started but luz more than 4k to date….anyone with wise betting ideas to work with me…pay as you won game Whattsup me 0724463797

  108. Okay guys pple loose pple win all it takes it to play ur game nice personally i can’t quit this game u see vile jobs ni limmitted in our country so let take this opportunity bt tucheze chini ov 1.5 under 4.5 ndo secret jus emai or Whatzup 0725028042

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