REVEALED: Why KU Students Flock in Church During Exam Period!!!


Christ Is The Teacher Catholic Church in KU experiences an unusual challenge every examination period with so many church attendants lacking chairs to sit on and listen to summon. They are forced to stand by the door taking the role of ushers. During this period most students will want to attend the 1st service so as to go for their studies as soon as they are done with church. It is the service that sees the highest number of attendants among the three services conducted every Sunday. But why this huge congregation during exam period?


“Its simple, students need God’s guidance as they prepare for and during exams,” says Rose, one of the student choir members of the church.

“And by the way, its only first mass that gets extremely full because the mass is usually longer than others. The students usually want to catch up with their studies after the service,” she added.

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Still, one obvious question remain unanswered; where were they all along?

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Lilian a student who prays in the church says that majority of students who come to church during exam period maybe did not do enough revision in preparation for the end of semester exam and therefore they come to seek God’s miraculous intervention. That’s confidently looking forward to to reap where they never sow. Although some genuinely go to church regularly and this is the moment to ask God help the remember what they have learned and put it down during exam.

Salphine suggests that the church should consider an additional 4th service during this period of exams so as to assist in reducing this unnecessary congestion during the services.

“Personally, i doubt if i can benefit from the summons if i stand during the whole service,” she commented.

Another member of the church, Samson Mbaka, had something to say,

“I must accept that it is not possible to differentiate between those who go to church regularly and those who attend on a part time basis. Otherwise, prayer is not a spare wheel that you pull out when in trouble but its the steering wheel that directs the right path. Comrades should be honest in their stand with God.”




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