Rongo University Students Using HELB Money to Party

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By Anjeline Adisa.

September is here again, comrades rush back to campus where life is full of freedom and fun. Some hurry to get themselves the best hostel rooms while the team mafisi rush back to cheat the innocent ‘freshaz’ who are easy to convince.

Surprisingly, Rongo University was the first and only university in Kenya that has ever legalized team mafisi club which had its own dedicated leaders and members. The group consisted of mafisi and fisilets.

Being a political season, some comrades are divided on political basis and they tend to really mind which political group one belongs to before they interact with you while others do not really care about all these. They only care about their pockets which are now filled with HELB money.


They assume they are rich not bearing in mind it is a loan that they will have to repay in future. With this money in their accounts, some will spend the whole weekend in the clubs and take their ladies out while the ladies mostly think of changing their wardrobes. This group of comrades have a common phrase ‘you only live once’.


In the same campus, there is a group of comrades commonly termed as ‘holyjos’.These comrades always spend most of their time in church, they neither drink nor attend late night parties and they use their HELB money to do something constructive.

Towards the end of the semester, many relationships break due to empty pockets and at this time most comrades avoid spending much of their time in their hostel rooms as a way of skipping meals or avoiding meal time guests.
Others will go as far as to stop cooking from their hostels and opt for cheap cafeteria meals.most of them will go for ‘plain rice and soup’ which only goes for ten shillings.At this time they console themselves by saying ‘comrades must survive’.

During this period of financial constraints, most of the comrades spend much of their time sitting around the administration block just to enjoy free Wi-Fi that can keep them busy all day.

When comrades go completely broke, most of them sell their phones and laptops at very cheap prices.

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  1. You guys are jokers, you just publish stupid lies so as to attract readers. That story is not even in depth,you don’t even know what you are talking about . Get better journalists.And don’t write lies about a particular group of people for your own gains.

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