SAD: How I Contracted HIV/AIDS at Amazon, Njokerio


Let’s call him, Tano, not his real name; a friend gave me a tip on him at the beginning of this year. Since then, I have been trailing him to get his story.

After close to two weeks, I finally met him and we had a good conversation. However, he declined to have his story published out of fear and rejection from friends.

However, yesterday after the Tripple E theatre show, he called me and gave me a node to have his story published. I really don’t know what came over him for that sudden change of mind and so today on Friday briefing is the story of Tano.

Joining Egerton University two years ago, he was an innocent young man full of energy and hope, he immediately fit in in his class and become one of the most promising students. Good articulation skills earned him a place in the hearts of many ladies within and outside the lecture rooms.

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All these changed one Friday, when step by step, he walked to Njokerio with his friend Tisa by his side.

At Njokerio, they did some normal shopping of Mboga, Tomatoes and carrots; it was not until they started finding their way back when his friend decided to branch into Amazone for a soda, a place that would later turn to be a house of doom to him.

At Amazone, his friend ordered for a swallow, keg was brought and he immediately started quenching his thirst. All these time,Tano was staring at other customers. Upon notice of the gloomy face on him, his friend ordered him a soda.

’Waiter, bring my friend a drink, a big Fanta, he did not come here to gather dust” Tisa spoken, already getting tipsy.

The soda was brought and he poured some into a glass before walking out to empty his bowels. He got back, he went straight into his drink and gulped it down. In close to five minutes, he had emptied the bottle.

Tano would later wake up the next day and find himself at the sanatorium with a wound on his arm.The nurses would later explain to him the circumstances under which was brought into the hospital.

He was seriously bleeding, he had been involved in a scuffle at Amazon that saw him got pierced by a sharp object. After some rigorous treatment, the nurse revealed to him that he had contracted the dreaded H.I.V virus.

It took him some time to realize his new status, period of self-rejection, he is now on drugs and he is doing good though.

amazonTano is a replica of many students who have contracted the virus in such and other related ways in social places around Egerton.

Tano’s advice to students is to avoid such places or be more vigilant if they must appear in such joints.




  1. Its soo sad. find a way also of advising versity ladies who visits msa beaches. This wk a lady from x university ended having sex in the ocean with a beach boy and mind u Her boy friend was also around.

  2. good storoo…..but hw comes he contacted the virus and it showed within hours jst a day after infection???…he must have contacted it smwea else other than A-zon…lol

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