Sauti Sol’s ‘Nerea’ Hits Hard on Campus Students


Whoa…..this song, ‘ Nerea ‘ is a real epic….featuring Kenya’s finest Sautisol Amos and Josh.It gives out a clear messages of anti-abortion.

This composition hits hard on our campuses. This is because it is in our campuses that we encounter such deeds.

This comes after a shamless abortion and dumping of a finely formed foetus in a toilet jar in Egerton University.

One would ask ‘do such perpetrators know what kind of risks involved in such activities?’ And if so why do they take part in such? Why don’t they use preventive measures if they realy have to engage in intimacy? As far as I am concerned there are free CDs distributed in our campuses ..not to be seen but to be used so as to avoid cases of abortion.

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Children are a blessing..we all know that.we are also children and we can see how much joy we bring to our parents.Then if you really cant bring yourself to use those..then why shouldn’t you use emergency pills?If you think they have dire consequences, then do your best and abstain from intimacy .

Pregnancies do not come by accident they come by choice.And once you have had is only fair you keep it because you knew what you were getting into.Why should another being suffer the consequences of your irresponsibility?

Sex in our context is not bad but please practice it with caution to avoid immature pregnancies which as well lead to abortion.Abortion may seem convinient at that time but it also comes with consequences such as weak uterine walls which cause miscarriages in the future.

Sometimes abortions may go nasty leading to blood clotting in the abdomen causing complications and hence one has to be operated on to remove the clot.On the other hand, one may even bleed to death. So ladies be careful with what you do regarding your lives, abortion is bad . It may not kill you but consider other consequences too.This also applies to dudes, if it happens be a gentleman and claim responsibility ‘mkubali na umlee’.

First came Merimela and now Nerea.It is true that whatever God gives you. He brings it along with blessings.You never know what that kid might be in the future.So biggup Sautisol, Amos and Josh. I really hope this one helps.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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