Saving Lives: How Effective Are Speed Cameras at Preventing Traffic Collisions?

speed cameras and accidents

Road collisions are a significant cause of disability and death in the world. Each year, approximately 1.2 million people are killed around the world and about 50 million are disabled or injured as a result of collisions on the road. Injury and illness from road accidents are on the rise and this trend is expected to increase with time. So, are speed cameras helpful at preventing traffic collisions? This article offers information on whether or not speed cameras are necessary when it comes to preventing road accidents.

The Statistics

The installation of cameras in a particular site is usually done following a period of a high number of collisions. Nevertheless, these numbers may not necessarily indicate that the place is dangerous and requires treatment. With road safety, however, the general tendency has always been a reduction in road collision incidents following a rise in the number of road accidents in the short-term. In statistics, this effect is referred to as regression-to-the-mean. Generally, the long-term trend in a road collision has been a decline due to a myriad of factors such as better driver education and improved vehicle safety.

The impact of regression-to-the-mean usually varies between different camera sites. Some evidence shows that the effects of RTM can account for the observed reduction, meaning that the camera does not have any effect on the site. Therefore, conventional techniques for analyzing or evaluating the effects of cameras on accident reduction may be over-optimistic. This is an obvious aspect when it comes to evaluating the camera’s value for money and whether or not investing in them yield a better return on investment.

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Are There Any Benefits?

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Even with the above in mind, there is a high possibility that speed cameras can yield some benefits to road users. Cameras may have some tremendous benefits when it comes to preventing medical costs due to accidents. Even so, more rigorous statistical approaches are needed to evaluate the information so as to avoid bias.

Although that is the case, the presence of speed cameras on the roads, as well as the benefits they bring, cannot be ignored. Speed cameras can remind drivers of the need to remain within the speed limits, thereby creating a beneficial impact on driving not only at the site of installation but also anywhere a person is driving.

On the other hand, it must be noted that speed cameras can also complicate matters on the road, leading to some motorist driving carelessly when approaching. Speed cameras can force drivers to brake heavily, which can cause collisions to happen. Moreover, it may be difficult for the authorities to monitor speed camera throughout, thus rendering them ineffective to some extent.

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Final Word

So, how important are the speed cameras? Can these gadgets save live? The answer to these questions are “Very Important and Yes” respectively. However, it is important to also consider other factors such as those safe-driving, driver education, training, among others. These factors are all crucial in ensuring road accidents do not occur.



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