SEKU Students in Disbelief as Nelson Mandela Turns Down the Vying Claims


As the political heat at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) becomes the talk of the day, each student is trying to vouch for their favourite contestant. Some stufents have even resolved to throwing bitter political tantrums  on social media. Others especially politicians have come out officially announcing their interest to vie for various seats.

A good number of students are in disbelief after it emerged that their favourite among the council officially announced his lack of interest to run for any seat again.

Nelson Mandela Machembe, commonly known to his electorate as “Zim papa”, a coastal word meaning the ” big fish” in the ocean that swallows small one is a third year taking Bachelor of Education arts.

His leadership qualities in the university was first shown when he was a fresh fresha. He is said to have stood in a class of more than four hundred students for an interactive session he termed as “Tujuane maze”. All the freshmen got scared of his courageousness. When the lecturer came,he called on for a class representative and Mandela was the first option.

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Mandela broke the student leadership record at SEKU for being the first freshmen to join the students leaders council. He won the Campus Representative seat. A position that would there before be won by the second years. He defeated his other eight strong politicians running for the same position.

He later broke onother record of being the first student to be voted twice in the student council at SEKU. This was last year after he competitively won the hot seat of Secretary General. This showed that students had total trust on Mandela.

Mandela is also a God fearing man, social, man of jokes, flexible to his life and recreates to all functions. Can accommodate anyone regardless of his/her class.

Mandela while talking to Magazine Reel said that he is driven by the saying that ” quick or hard decisions are more or less the same,they need sober, courageous and risk taking leaders.

He revealed that he wont be running for any seat at SEKU. A revelation that heartbroke many, as they thought he was the next perfect president at SEKU.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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