Sex for Grades: The Sad Tale of Kenyan Campuses

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In a perfect world, our parents take us to school to study. What they don’t know is what happens when we are away. I want to talk about sex for grades.

It’s become a norm in our campuses. This is where a student or a lecturer may ask for favors in exchange for good grades.

In such incidents, it might be the student who is willing, and in others, the student may be forced to. You see, if a student doesn’t give in to a lecturer’s advances, at best, he/she might get a supplementary or a retake.

Worst, they will frame you with a ‘university crime’ and get an academic suspension; remember, an academic suspension runs for at least a year. This is why it as difficult for most students to turn down the lecturer’s advances.

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In the case where a student is willing, a lot of other benefits come with the grades. Expensive lifestyles, good money, travelling to places and of course the grades. Just in exchange for sex. Our lecturers have now become our sponsors.

We might do campaigns against it and speak about it, but then just like corruption, we cannot eliminate it. I just feel sorry for the people going through it against their will.

We cannot end it because some people will always do it. I tend to think change is personal. For the students willing to have sex for grades, what can we say? Maybe the end justifies the means.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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