Shame as Kalenjin Students Gang up Against Others in University of Eldoret

university of eldoret

University of Eldoret(UOE) is in turmoil after it has emerged that students from other regions in the country have been forced to vacate the institution.

A barbaric and archaic incident that has left people asking questions on the relevance of civilization in this century has occurred in the University of Eldoret- Uasin Gishu County. Students from the Kalenjin communities in collaboration with surrounding community are up in arms against students from other regions.

The actual cause of this kind of animosity has not been ascertained but word has it that this is due to the recent allegations which had been leveled against the current vice chancellor of the institution.

Mr. Isaac Melly had two days ago led a students demonstration against the Vice Chancellor claiming nepotism in terms of employment opportunities for the locals. But in quick rejoinder, yesterday one of the local/regions MP, Mr Oscah Sudi told off his counterpart. He told him to keep off matters UoE and put his self interest aside on the issue.

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Magazine Reel has learnt and established that even workers from other regions of Kenya have been forced to abandon their work and vacate their premises. Tension is reported to be high with students being the latest entry group into the tussle.

Prof. Akenga is believed to be from the larger Luhya community and Isaac Melly accused her of employing only people from his community while overlooking those qualified from the local community surrounding the said institution.

Outsiders have also promised to invade University of Eldoret and eliminate people from the ” Regions they dont like “. Some of the residents believe that University of Eldoret Students from the kalenjin community are being used by politicians in advocating for the removal of the VC.




  1. Am ashamed of the writer, I don’t understand what you are saying because am at ground and I have seen nothing you are saying, I think you should be sued for insighting.

  2. This is a total fabrication, i mean the said allegations are vaque n out of mere truth.The fact lies in the hands of Uasin Gishu Independent Youth organisation.its the UGIYO that initiated the oversite hence proving it a big lie, infact the students had no idea of me you that its A BIG LIE.we can plan to question the validity of this statement soon

  3. Romours hav it!! Infact Sudi is not the area MP, is just a member of the consistuency within the large Uasin Gishu county

  4. White lies everything is alright. This is not your local room its a Universe sity. True reason why Chinese got large share in digital content than Local media. Tiny thinking of atom and want to speak Elephant.

  5. shame on the writer,am a student at the University of Eldoret and none has been forced to vacate,having access to the internet does not give you room to say anything you think can attract attention.

  6. The issue is vc has rooted out corruption in uoe now there r those who have felt the blow, 60% of uoe staff are kalenjins, n books r there for audit n y can’t they go to court if the claims r ryt instead of ganging villagers without class 8 certificate with motobikes by bribing them for selfish gains

  7. Why do we love pure unadulterated lies: Fact: the local to others ratio is officially 70%. The VC herself said Kaleos are 50%. They must get the remaining 20%. Fact: No one has threatened anyone. If anything students from a certain community spent Tuesday/Wednesday night drinking at the ‘Tank”. Who bought the beer? Fact: This morning at around 10 am a student from the local community was beaten senseless by the drunken mob. Fact: This is about the ONLY University among the many elevated recently that has a 50% locals and 50% non-locals. If you don’t believe it go to the following and find out what the ratio is: Maseno University, Jaramogi University, Masinde Muliro University, Kisii University, Kibabii Uni College, Rongo Uni College (these are in regions where the loudest protesters come from). But you can also try the Mt Kenya Region, Cost Region, Ukambani-Taita Region. Go ahead and do the research before making half-baked ill-intentioned accusations against the local leadership!!!!!

  8. And for your information no worker lives on the campus of the University of Eldoret (no, scratch that: there is ONE officer who resides on campus) as all residential houses were turned into student residences long before Teresa arrived on the scene. So the story of workers being hounded off their premises is not only a BIG FAT LIE but it also betrays the unbelievable level of ignorance displayed by commentators. The rental and owner-owned housing around the University of Eldoret is COMPLETELY COSMOPOLITAN and there is no way anyone can go around isolating and evicting non locals LET ALONE those who work at the University!. If you want to persist on lies bordering on HATE SPEECH go ahead and do so. It will not alter the TRUTH.

  9. If a UNIVERSITY borders your father’s farm or ranch, it does not follow that your father ought to be the manager, your younger brother the lecturer, your youngest sister the cleaner and yourself, the finance officer. That is why it is called a university. If you must have your family and only your family in a ‘university’ then make your own and have it all to yourselves. You will be free to employ your own with no disturbance from anyone. AND do not allow politicians to think for you because God gave you your own brains. Use them
    Do not ‘GRAB’ an institution that has been created and put up by other people (read -using public funds.) Public university is not equal to a village polytechnic.

    • Again another example of ‘warped’ thinking: Who is grabbing what? And what has this got to do with ‘brains’. These HATE MONGERS are just PLAIN IGNORANT! Use YOUR NAME and stop hiding behind ANONYMOUS. Give us the NAMES of EMPLOYEES WHO BELONG TO ONE ‘FAMILY’ OR JUST SHUT UP!!!!. You are the kind that should be BEHIND BARS.

  10. NCI Act, 2008 • The university of Eldoret violate the provision of the NCI Act, 2008 which stipulates that ‘no public establishment shall have more than one third of its staff from the same ethnic community’. In this regard, the UOE mentioned

    • So which document are you holding in your hands?. Share it with the rest of the world. When did you last enumerate the ethnic ratios at University of Eldoret? Or are you just driven by rumors and emotions?

  11. the writer is lying, ama resident and that is the complete opposite of whats happening here, have some integrity you cheap piece of shit, scumbag.

  12. What you are posting about kalenjin students siding with politicians and community to oust VC and non kalenjin students from the university is untrue and malicious. Personally i am a kalenjin student and i have had meeting with majority of the students who never supported the intimidation of the VC and her role in the university of eldoret. We left the community n politicians do their stupid things then went home. How dare can a stupid quack who holds a bachelor’s degree from a private university Eldoret campus MKU intimidate a PhD holder from Cornel University ,i really find it hard to understand why politicians want to force a university administration to employ bodaboda riders who were paid to disrupt learning at the university. We are really bitter when all the stories on newspapers are about Kalenjin students evicting the other students. We should be together for betterment of out institution. Stop this once and for all. Its idiotic writing such tribal stories about a University. if you have nothing to write then make yourselves busy with other things apart from trying to taint the image of the university on basis tribal lines.

  13. Such sensitive matters need a rebuff from an objective commentator. As at now both sides are just insulting each other. Can we get a sober view hentlemen??????

  14. That’s true. But am not afraid of anyone. intact am still in school despite of other students from my tribe having gone home.

  15. the writer is correct,by the time the school was clossing,the community around led by elders from ziwa had held a meeting with “kitwek” members at graduation ground and planned to weed out non kalenjins from hostels and around,addressing students in kalenjin,Wesley logo incited kalenjins against other non kalenjin students….others injured, window panes broken,doors broken …………this is my advice, ,,,please those coming to university don’t come to Joe if you are not a kalenjin unless you are your skin is tough enough to endure arrows from a kalenjin man at night.

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