Shock as Karatina University First Year Student Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances


By Godlip Ocholi

The Karatina University fraternity has woken up on a sorrowful day
after learning about the sad news on the demise that befell one of
the newly admitted students in the morning of Tuesday 1st September,2015.

The fallen comrade, Steven Muchiri Wachera was hit on the back of his
head and mouth by unknown people a few metres from his doorstep in
Ragati town centre.He suffered a severe internal bleeding which
resulted into his succumbing.This heinous act is thought to have
happened in the early morning of Tuesday at around 6 a.m.

The late Wachera had just been registered in the University last week as a PSSP first year student.His dream to persue a higher education has been tragically brought to an end.

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His death position suggested that he had struggled with his
killers.Neighbours have said that they know less about the young man
since he was still new in the neighbourhood.

Reacting on this sad act, comrades have expressed their deepest sorrow
on various social media platforms.They have condemned it in strongest terms describing it as a hurting, unfortunate occurrence.They have added that the culprits should be made to face the long hand of the law for justice to prevail.

Wachera comes from Kiria in,Murang’a.The single mother to the deceased young man was visited and then she was professionally informed of the demise that begot her son to avoid social media shock.

Confirming the incident, the Deputy OCS of Karatina Police Station,mr
Njue promised to bring the perpetrators to book after the
investigations are complete.

Announcing this saddening news, the Karatina University Students’
Association (KUSA) president,Kennedy Ng’ang’a Moha expressed his deep sorrow and regret for this loss of a fellow comrade.

Also,on behalf of the Students’ Governing Council (SGC) of Karatina
University Students’ Association (KUSA) and all the karatina
University comrades, the president passed his heart felt condolences
to the berieved family, relatives and friends of the fallen comrade.

Mr Nga’ng’a went ahead and cautioned students against walking alone during dark hours.Instead, he said people should walk in groups for security reasons.

He also advised comrades,especially the incoming first years to choose
their places of residence wisely (for those wishing to stay outside
the campus).

The president concluded by stating that more on matters security will
be shared during orientation in various campuses.



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