REVEALED: Maasai Mara University Students Only Visit the Library to Watch Latest Movies

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A shocking report has indicated that Maasai Mara university library has been turned into a movie shop by the students. The report implicates several students who only visit the facility to watch the latest series of movies online.

Though one of the rules governing the use of the Maasai Mara university library indicates that no one is allowed to use mobile either to make calls, send texts or play music, close to 80% of the students visiting the said library always make 3 to 4 calls within the period they take inside the facility. The students are though allowed to use their phones to access the internet for research purposes but most if not all always divert their attention to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Cases of students taking selfie images inside the library and posting either on Facebook or Instagram has tremendously increased.

“Chilling Out with my sweet buddies… Maasai Mara University Library Dopest”, one of the students noted in her status after taking a few snap photos with friends inside the library.

Magazine Reel news desk also unearthed that most of the students take laptops and other gadgets from their friends in pretense of going for a research session only to end up watching movies and music videos on YouTube. Though making noise inside the varsity is also a criminal act, most of the students are allowed to access the library with earphones.

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Speaking to one of the students who requested for anonymity, he told Magazine Reel News desk that most students found the university library to be the best place to relax and watch movies without disturbance from colleagues. He said that the library provided a serene environment that makes students concentrate on one thing at a time and therefore the best bet when one feels like watching a movie or music on YouTube. He also said that accessing internet inside rooms of residence has proven to be expensive for those owning computers and therefore resort to library due to the free WiFi.

Maasai Mara university library is among several other facilities that are being misused in different campuses within the higher learning sector. The activity cuts across all the universities including the top ranked University of Nairobi and Strathmore University. Egerton university students for instance use the library computers to either place bets on SportPesa or visit their Facebook and Twitter timelines.

Though there are people employed to ensure that students do not breach rules governing the library, the university management might need to do more to eradicate such vices and encourage the reading culture.



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