SHOCKING!!!: Kisii University Ladies Pledge Ksh. 30,000 to the Winner of Intercourse Competition


If you thought that betting was for Sport-Pesa and the likes then you are yet to experience the other side of it. According to exclusive news received by Magazine Reel, a group of Kisii University girls placed bets of up to Ksh 30000 on who will sleep with the highest number of men during the semester, and the winner will have to take home the “grand price”.  The total number of the girls being sixteen, and to add more flavor to the game, they decided that they will have to go raw without any protection. The obliviousness portrayed by the said students was unlike no other, with most of them going on a ‘men-hunting-spree’.

So it is to no surprise that one of them reportedly decided to sleep with the husband of one of the employees at the institution. On realization of the affair, the wife decided to approach the said girl, who immediately became abusive in trying to defend herself as she was proclaiming her innocence. It is reported that the girl infact stabbed the wife who was rushed to hospital. It all seems like one crazy Nigerian movie except that this is real.

kisiiThe wife on recovering went back to work at the institution, but then she decided to lodge a case at the dean of students office of the institution. The girl was summoned, and when they met face to face, she received the maiden news she was not probably expecting. The woman who was attacked gave her authentic and signed documents proving that both her husband and she had been HIV positive since 2010.

That is the most unexpectable end game the girls were expecting. It is infact shocking that one of the girls’ had already slept with over 100 men. This shocking and unexpected event is most likely going to cause men to shiver at the institution, not forgetting the whole of Kisii town as the girls’ hunting spree was most likely targeting them too.

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As at now Magazine Reel will be following the story keenly as it develops.




  1. This is just one very tall story and is probably the fruit of a highly fertile imagination! No young woman in her right mind goes on a s******g spree just for fun. If the perpetrators would have been male the story would be more plausible.

  2. Ha ha ha ha…. This shows that Kenya got talent of Fiction storytellers. Its barely not even 90 days since the semester began its around 70 days… So in simple math having slept with over 100 means having slept with 2 per day.. Upright and intellectual fellas wont buy your ill-will driven Story… That can’t be even a script of a Nollywood movie…. Shame on your idleness…. Nwei you can be a good cartoon movie director …KEEP IT UP CHAP..!!!

  3. No right minded gentleman wd even dare a quickie dats struggle free! Your determination to tell us an exclusive volumptous
    story ended up being a cock n bull story…

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