SHOCKING!!!:MMUST Students Undresses a Female Dancer Live on Stage


Yesterday being the 26th day of march 2015 was the official opening of Tamasha( cultural week), the festivities give a platform to students to showcase their different cultures and help to bring together all the students through the celebration of this diversities as it has been the trend in MMUST every academic year.

To the ‘freshas’, it was a day like no other because Tamasha was there with them and now they could afford and enjoy three nights of dance. Being fresh from High school they are well vast with the new bubbling and whining styles and now more than ever was the time to show the ‘elders’ what they are made of.

The whole night music started at around 6.00 pm with ‘Fimbo ya Tatu’ calling students from theirs rooms and gradually giving the Dj what he really anticipated (audience).

At around 10.00pm, the unusual venue(G.square) was packed and the Mc had to call for volunteers on stage for a dancing competition to energize the audience whose forty percent of them were drunk.

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As expected the ‘freshmen’ filled the stage and the security had to intervene and after some minutes of commotion it was good to go.

Of them all there was this fresh, well bestowed Disaster manageress who really took it down like a professional Jamaican dancer, the way she moved what her mama gave her left all dudes salivating, every hand trying to give it a touch.
Unknown to her she came closer to the audience to give it a clear view of her ‘fundamentals’ since she enjoyed the free publicity.

Out of no where some huge hand managed to grab her from the back and as a reaction to the unfriendly touch she tried to jump back to a safer distance from the audience, unfortunately this gave her booty short easy time to let go her waist and down to the knees, within no time the short was grabbed by a hundred hands and now everyone enjoyed watching her in 3D as comrades call it.

Were it not for some kind fellow woman who threw a scarf to her and the quick intervention of the security, you can guess what could have happened.

This happens months after the hot debate of My dress my choice, I know not what happened to her after they took her back stage.

To avoid such embarrassing scenes the university should hire a standard stage one that caters for the safety of artists and all those set to perform.

It also would be better to have the men in uniform to keep watch over an incidence that might seem to get out of hand.
Am looking forward for a safe and healthy Tamasha for the two days remaining.




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