Silikwang Talks Tough As Egerton Student Pases On Following An Attack By Thugs


As the rest of the students at Egerton University burn the midnight oil reading for examinations currently under way,some part of them are deep in thought wondering what tomorrow might bring,for the past few weeks there has been cases of insecurity revolving around theft,most of the victims being those student who stay outside the university premises or rather known as “Diasporian’s” Many have been left hopeless and scared of this menace that has now claimed on of the students.

Noah,who until the time of his demise was a fourth year student set to finish his studies in four months time is reported to have been attacked by by thieves on his way home about a week ago,he was under medication up until yesterday when he passed one,with news of his death spreading across the college ,many if the students are on the record calling upon the university administration to ensure that the security of student both out and within campus is considered a key issue.A section of the students have threatened to take demonstration to the door-step of the residents who in one way or the other house the students outside school or live with them. Noah is said to have been hit by a blunt object in the head forcing him to spend a few days in the ICU with the bill amounting to around Ksh300,000 until the time of his demise.

The late Noah

Earlier today we spoke with the director Security and accommodation Peter Silikwang’ who hit hard at the administration,”I condemn this unfortunate instance ,we are loosing too many comrades ,something we can all avoid.We have arrested the guy behind the murder and he is now with the police,i blame the caretakers and the security outside the institution for not being up to the levels,This has to stop ,we are putting measures to have this curb as fast as possible”

Many who resort to living outside school do so because of the limited hostel; within campus,the university should not only come up with measures to ensure that all the hostels outside college are being secured but also make ways to have enough accommodation for everyone.Students are urge to be at their houses as early as sunset to avoid such.

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From Magazine Reel we pray with Noah’s Family and friends and call upon relevant authorities to up their game.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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