SOMU officials at a glance

somu officials

After a triumphant election on October 3 a new SOMU regime came into being fulfilling the requirements of the student’s constitution. Every academic year the political gun is wielded and shot in the air to signal a new dawn for comrades. After all is said and done sometimes the student leaders go into oblivion.

The faces behind the students union may not b familiar to you if you are the kind who is aloof with whats happening around you. Here is a sneak peak of the ladies and gentlemen at the behest of SOMU.
somu officials

Charles Juma, President.

He is astute and a vocal leader whose rabble rousing antics is akin to that of the likes of Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Malcolm X. The Third year media student comes into office when there is general outcry of dilapidated structures within Maseno University. Lackadaisical administration that responds to issues when it too late. His passion to see change endeared him to many students earning him a comfortable lead in the elections.

Francis Mukhwana, Vice President.

What makes him different from his predecessor is the fact that the office is more than ever alive compared to before when diktats would be spewed and then its back to business. Political pundits say his cordial relationship with the president is reminiscent to the Uhuruto political marriage.

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Felix Syomane, Secretary General.

Charged with coordinating student activities and the administration he is a spokesperson to say the least. Normally the biggest test for this post holders is when campus is about to resume and when there is critical information to be passed.

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Generally, on the flip-side, comrades can be so insensitive at times especially if the information delivered is deemed to be inappropriate. His predecessor George Korir was invaluably in touch with the students especially on the Facebook platform.

Rachel Kerubo, Finance Secretary.

Considered a ladies realm, this office is in charge of financing all student activities. Little can be said about this office because financial matters are normally clouded by a myriad of secrets. Notwithstanding, come next semester expectations are rife on how this office will finance Talent Night, Mr and Miss Maseno Beauty Pageant and if they in cohorts increase the award prizes which some time ago was the talk of town.

Muhseen Rajab, Entertainment.

As one area that makes campus what it is, Maseno comrades take entertainment matters seriously. All campuses are bedrocks of talent and it’s still in the works to see whether theme nights that died awhile ago will be rejuvenated. The Students Center as it is an eyesore. Its refurbishment would be a great achievement to whoever flogs the dead horse imploring for changes.

Well Mr and Miss Maseno are ticking and here is where all comrades will sentimentally put their thoughts to rest on matters entertainment. This event in the Maseno comrades’ calendar has elicited lots of bickering especially on sponsorship as Equator Bottlers always goes home smiling. Calls have been made for a friendlier sponsor. Lets hold on with bated breath and see what will happen come next year.

Alfred Makotsi, Director Academics.

This docket holds us hostages as all comrades are in the business of academic work. A simmering row struck after the re-sit fee rose from Ksh.60 to Ksh.200. In a country where consultation is a buzzword obviously the Director is on the receiving end for sleeping on the job.

Still he will have to convince the Administration that tents are for medical camps and other things not studies. The negative publicity of students studying in tents will not go away easily. This docket will be required to lobby for construction of new lecture halls. Give credit where it’s due he has managed to go hi-tech with a website to boot. All academic problems like exams time table is available on the said website. That’s a move in the right direction.

Jusper Okumu, Director Health.

He rates highly so far. Ever since he got into office several health campaigns have taken place targeting students. The only problem is that many students take health matters with a pinch of salt. Breast Cancer Campaigns and Reproductive Health Campaigns have taken center stage with Maseno University playing host to Global Hand Washing Day courtesy of Lifebuoy soap.The doctor is on his way to success if he keeps the momentum.

Alex Ajowi, Security and Accommodation.

The rise in insecurity within and without campus will be a headache and a thorn in the flesh. Two riots have occurred to the menace with the Director playing the “Spectator’s” role. The inadequate accommodation units will prove to be an uphill task. Little or nothing can be written about this holder but that’s not writing him off.

SOMU officials after convincing the electorate will have to deliver the same promises. As it stands, the in-tray is full, expectations are at fever pitch and time is ticking away to another election.

Although we have a right to demand from our leaders we must also give them time and support in their endeavors to fight for the comrades.




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