Sonko Responds to Allegations of Impregnating KU Student


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Friday evening responded to allegations that he had impregnated a Kenyatta University student named Dorah Ngui.

Through a post on social media, Sonko distanced himself from the allegations and termed them as diversionary tactics aimed at stopping him from serving the people of Nairobi.

Further, the governor stated that the story is fake and the student does not exist.

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“I have just established Dorah Ngui is a non-existent student who cannot even be traced from all social media platforms and immediately I started thorough investigations about the blog the story was hurriedly pulled down.

“One of the suspects behind the fake story is being pursued…” he said.

Sonko also offered Sh5 million to the writer of the story to produce the said girl and strongly condemned the article for attempting to tarnish his name.

He added that he does not date young girls and is happy with his wife Primrose Mbuvi.

“As a father and grandfather of grown-ups and underage girls some of who are also students, I am a man who respects himself and don’t mess around with students and under 20s.

“I do not date small girls and those who know me well will tell you that I prefer well endowed, well rounded, curvy, 3D, plus size beautiful divas like the First Lady of Nairobi,” he wrote.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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