Sports and Games Scholarships in Kenya

Egerton University Wasps scholarships
Egerton Wasps RFC team celebrating their University League title. The team has asked Kenya Rugby Union to reschedule their fixtures.

Last year, East African Universities Games were held in Uganda at the Ugandan Christian University in Mukono. Several Kenyan Universities were in attendance.

From the interaction with fellow sportsmen and women in the games who were from other universities, it could be noticed that the sports scene in Uganda was different from that in Kenya.

For instance, many of the players in different teams and various sports were on full and partial scholarships offered by the universities they played for.

This was contrary to many Kenyan Universities especially public universities. In public universities, sports scholarships have never been heard of.

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Very few private universities offer scholarships for sports and they are very selective on the sports they offer scholarships for. These include basketball, rugby, football and hockey.

In Uganda, the various universities offered scholarships for sports in almost all fields. For instance, the badminton champion from Uganda and number 180 in the world for females played for a certain university.

Sports scholarships are very crucial to the development of a person and even for the sports and games arena. This is seen in America where many people have benefited from them. A good example is 2 Chainz.

The university management and the government should come up with a way of rewarding best sports persons with scholarships in Kenya. This will go along way in promoting talent and selling the name of the institution to the outside world.



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