Steel Billionaire, Narendra Raval Appointed as Egerton University Chancellor

Egerton University Narendra Raval of Devki Group
Narendra Raval of Devki Group

Kenyan Steel billionaire Narendra Raval, who runs the Devki Group has been appointed Chancellor of Egerton University for five years by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raval’s life journey as a boy began from a little known village of Mathak in Gujarat, India, and has culminated in the creation of East Africa’s biggest business groups to straddle the industrial world of steel, cement, infrastructure and aviation.

Narendra Raval, is endearingly known as ‘Guru’, he began from the most humble beginnings to reach the zenith of his career through tireless hard work, an inherent business acumen and sheer tenacity. He’s been quoted saying that he started off at Gikomba market, in the cheapest store were he could get because nobody was interested in the area as it was considered a very unsafe place. He was at one point an Indian priest at a Kenyan temple.

Narendra Naval has written an autobiography, in collaboration with his dear friend and colleague, Kailash Mota. It traces four decades in the life of Guru Bhai Narendra Raval. The astute businessman has successfully built a US$400 million industrial empire. He began his work life as a young, teenage priest in Nairobi, Kenya.

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His fascinating, awe-inspiring autobiography, A Long Walk to Success is a legacy of wisdom and guidance for young entrepreneurs inspiring to walk in Guru Bhai’s footsteps.

Today, Guru Bhai runs his business empire with more than 4,500 employees spread across East Africa. He was also featured among the top 50 richest men in the Forbes Africa 2015 list. With his wide experience in business, we look forward to see how he’ll fuse that with education to help Egerton university produce industry ready graduates, get great partnerships with the industry via his networks & being able to apply the educational research into the industry to transform lives & the Kenyan economy.



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