Students Express Joy as Kibabii University Gets a New Vice Chancellor


By Godlip Ocholi

At last, Kibabii University have ushered in a new Vice-chancellor after going for five months without a Vice- chancellor. Professor Isaac Odeo Ipara has taken over as the new Vice-Chancellor Kibabii University with effect from 18 August 2016.He holds a Master in Kiswahili and History and a BA in Education. He also has a PhD in Kiswahili and history. From 2012 to
2015, he served as the acting principal at the university, until the institution was awarded a charter in 2015.

Prof Ipara served at Moi University, and later at Masinde Muliro University before he was deployed at Kibabii University. Speaking in his office, the newly appointed Vice-chancellor while expressing his gratitude, said the institution has been operating without a VC after the acting VC’s stipulated time expired in May this year.

He joins the institution at a time when it is facing different challenges, and it’s still under construction.

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Prof. Ipara who received the appointment letter last week, lauded the Cabinet Secretary for Education Dr. Fred Matiang’i for appointing him, on a term that lasts for five years. However, Prof. Ipara said there are so many challenges ahead of him as he prepares to start his

“The main challenge that we have as an institution, pertains sufficient water availabilty, since the establishment of this university the major problem we have always encountered revolves
around sufficient water provision in the institution. We have spent a lot of money to solve the issue, especially during the dry season,” Prof. Ipara said.

According to him, the university has a multi million project to supply clean water that can serve the entire institution. He added that the administration has set up a one hundred
million project that will cater for water circulation problems. He said they are in the process of wooing well wishers who can join them and help the university in putting up water treatment plant.

Noting that Kenyans are eager to get education, he said he will pursue the concept of quality education, outlining that he wants the university to offer quality education and services that will be more attractive to prospective students. He said the university now has over 6000 students and they are expecting another two thousand for 2016-2017 intake.

He asked the community around the school to invest in mortgages that will help the university to cub the growing number students.

“I’ve been in charge of a large number of students, though we lack hostels where they can stay we hope that people around the school will be able to create more space for the construction of hostels,” Prof. Ipara added.

Prof. Ipara has promised to make sure Kibabii University continues to offer quality education. He also added that he will strive to make sure the university accesses resources that will facilitate its vision of offering quality education and establish more mechanisms that are
relevant in improving the quality of services offered.

The UASSU Kibabii chapter general secretary Dr. Wanjala Nyukuri was delighted with the appointment, saying it was wisely done and urged the new VIC to cooperate with the institution in handling some challenges.

While thanking the community for their full support, Dr. Nyukuri also called on the new VIC to involve the community in ensuring that the university achieves its vision and objectives.

“What the Cabinet Secretary for Education has done is acceptable, however, as Kibabii family we would like to request Prof. Ipara to engage the community and other stakeholders on how to move the institution ahead despite the challenges that we are facing,” Dr. Nyukuri said.

However, the UASSU secretary asked the Cabinet Secretary to speed up the process of appointing the deputy vice chancellor for academic and students’ affairs before the beginning of 2016 2017 intake.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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