SUEU Chair Elect Urges Student Leaders to Unite and Fight for Egerton Comrades


Read Abuga Wesley’s Full Speech as Outlined Below.

A short time ago, one of my supporters called me to offer his congratulations even before elections. He’s a good bloke, whatever his colleagues might say. I thank him and I thank Egerton, and the people of Egerton. And I thank God and all my political organizers and all the people who helped in everything.Thank you. The people of Egerton have spoken – and spoken decisively.

So let me speak decisively in return. You had a choice between three leaders with little to recommend them save an unwillingness to sell their fundaments in return for power, and you chose me.

I am humbled by the honour you have bestowed. I am so humbled, humble, humbly. To my opponents I say, well played. But now let us have no more personal abuse, division and pettiness. Let us be better than that. Let us make a new start, and move forward to meet the great challenges we face.

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You do not work your arses off and exercise your democratic rights so that politicians may bicker and brawl and seek their own or some sectional advantage. You work your arses off for your families, so you can take holidays in say Dubai and build extensions to your homes and garages, and you hate us bastards and think it’s all a sham.

As we go forward to meet the great challenges we face, I will listen, for listen we must as we all go forward, listening together, as we meet these great challenges; however you voted, you sent me a message, and now I have a message for you.

“The message is this – I am the message. It is me.” Fellow competitors and their supporters, have positive mindsets. The light of the world moves forward with us. There’s plenty to like and plenty to complain about – Relax and be comfortable again. I’m not going to worry you with any fancy stuff.

I have my limitations, but so have you. That’s why I’m here. Comrades, you have elected yourselves, and you can’t get a more fair dinkum democratic outcome than that. A fact it is Peace be with us all. Amen.






We Are Hiring!! Writer

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