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The week has not been perfect to most people especially sports maniacs because there has been few games bookmarked and evidently few wins for favorite teams in each of the games. But when the week has been such low, we usually try and make it better by ending it in style and what better way than share with you our money list for today Sunday. This 99.99% chance to win bet might just earn you over 10,000 shillings if you place them in any of the markets now. Infact, some will even give you a 50% bonus making you earn 5,000 more to splash on shopping before end of day today.

English Premier League comes to an end today and that means it might be full of fantastic and great goals from even the underdogs who have already been axed from the much coveted league in the world. And with Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal all looking forward to lift a european rated silverware both at the UEFA champions league and Europa, it might be interesting to see how they will perfom today to ensure that they also cement their place in next season’s champions league fete’.

Today is a day that Arsenal FC will live to remember if they fail to unleash their machinery past their opponents. They are currently 5th in the table and hopes to have Chelsea beaten by their opponents to ensure that a win for them keeps them at top four finish. This means that both Arsenal and Chelsea have the greatest pressure of winning today’s games and that might be detrimental to them.

As for Tottenham, they have nothing to win for, so they might just decide to focus on the Champions league final instead. Be very weary about them and if you must, them do not mix Tottenham in your valuable betslip.

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At the very top, Liverpool are not sure of clinching the EUFA champions league trophy and therefore will do everything possible to hit headlines by winning the EPL trophy this season. Even if they were travelling away from Anfield, they are favourites to win today’s game. But there is no doubt that Manchester City will lift the EPL trophy tonight despite Liverpool win. They have all it takes and remember this is not the first time they are doing this neck to neck finish, they did it some years back against Manchester United. They still have some players who witnessed the occasion and have the spirit to do it again. They will beat their opponents without any difficulty whatsoever.

Another team in the EPL with nothing to worry about is Manchester United. They win, they don’t, nothing happens, so they will be enjoying themselves today, avoid them like plague because they might just disappoint you.

Here are the free bets for today

Top Bets – 12 May 2019
1. Liverpool v Wolves: Liverpool @ 1.30
2. Brighton v Man City: Man City @ 1.16
3. Man Utd v Cardiff: Man Utd or draw @ 1.18
4. Southampton v Huddersfield: Southampton or draw @ 1.14
5. Burnley v Arsenal: Arsenal or draw @ 1.38

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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