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A lot has happened ever since we met last Friday in our zone to discuss various issues affecting us here and there. Survivors don’t just sit and relax. We tarmac,Tarmacing  with our pupil ready to focus, ears not ready to be passed by any news and with fresh mind ready to accommodate anything valuable.

Today, before my colleague Caleb Odongo Koyo takes in as the guest writer next Friday, we take you through Mount Kenya University MKU. One of the biggest private universities in the country, Where we met with other survivors,birds of same feather and joyfully elapsed our weekend.

You would not fail to get attracted to the beautiful buildings in the institution in MKU, as you approach Thika town. The varsity has been located along the highway, unlike many universities. The big lively buildings will give you a general outline of what to expect in there. We took the privilege to move around the university and to start with, I loved what i saw or encountered.

To start with as a writer sampling is one of the methods you use to correct data. Simply by the few student we happened to interact with, they are friendly. It is not usual to interact with a number of student in an university withoutt missing one or two who will do it contrally to others, but we did not encounter any of those.

We Are Hiring!! Writer

On Friday we happened to join them for the friday late night dances. A friday dance routine ;hosted by their residence Dj Poloz and MC laughter. In some universities they take this as a drinking day. A day that they want to eliminate all the weekly stress and drink as if mututho law is about to burn alcohol consumption in the country. At MKU many seeemed to be drinking for fun. The other sacco,

“team mafisi”

althogh there, they a little behaved and not as many as we expected.

Their hostels may we say, they are ones that everybody from outside would wish to be accomodated in. Despite the presence of the small disturbing micro organisms, bedbugs, they still maintain high level of cleanliness. we salute one of the male hostel, which was sparkling clean.

We also talked to student who reside outside school. We walked to one of the estate, Runda estate, where most of student reside and sisterhood and brotherhood is still practised there.

How would we walk to the institution and fail to look for the president?  We talked with their school president Sam Kimani and he is equally friendly. He leads by example.

However everything has got it weaknesses too. The survivors are on the look for a full detailed information on your weaknesses. Mount Kenya University is one of the few friendly universities.

Just survivors, no accusations.The Survivors Zone.The Survivors Zone.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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