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With Love From Natalie Stayse; A Goodbye Letter To All Reelers

Dear Reelers, Exactly one year ago, I made my writing debut on Magazine Reel. I had pretty much been sitting on raw talent but thanks...

Look Ma, The Frog is Dead!

When news came that the rebels had raided school Pa Joe was seventeen blocks away absolving sobriety the very way he knew best. Ma...

She Only Wanted To Be Campus Normal

  She only wanted to be Campus normal. To stroll down the FASS pavements in wedges, exaggerating her height. Book in hand and wallet in...

Should I Still Go To Hell?

        If you ask me now why I sent that message to her that night, I’ll have no answer for you. Instead, with teary eyes...

At Mariama’s Bedside

        At Mariama’s bedside Bansi sat, two hours now. And the clock ticked and tocked time away. A whole six hours of daylight yet, but...

The Day a Female Bit My Behinds

I wouldn’t say she was aesthetically challenged yet the monotonous stare she always had on me was rather creepy. Under the mango tree, you’d...

Avocado Tales; After The Fall

By the time she brought the second and third I had long committed atrocities here, my face auspiciously yearning for the new entrants. I...