TERROR THREAT IN KU: Explosives Allegedly Found in Longonot Hostels

Kenyatta University Terror

Heavy police was deployed at Kenyatta University’s main campus yester night.This followed an alert of a terror attack. Gate C which is the current gate in use for entry and exit into and out of university was heavily guarded.Gate A was closed for construction purposes.It is speculated that this construction is to secure the institution more.A number of military men were standby at gate A.

The presence of police created a tense environment with students worrying about their safety.Some chose not to spend the night inside the school for fear of the unknown.

Earlier on it had been reported that tension had gripped the University after explosives were allegedly discovered at Longonot blocks. It was alleged by media houses that the explosives were found after a heightened search by police.

Sniffer dogs went round the buildings in an effort to clean up the blocks which are suspected to have more explosives.

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This is not the first time tension has been high at the university.Mid last month there was panic at the postmodern library.Students  stormed out of the library fearing it was a terror attack.Quite a good number of students were injured.Windows and doors at the ground floor were broken as students forced their way out.Additionally,a number of personal items were lost in the chaos.It  was later discovered that an argument between a security guard and a student was the cause of all these fracas.The student allegedly scream t causing panic.

Security has since then been beefed up at the institution.Entry into the University is almost impossible if one does not possess proper identification documents.

However all is well at the institution.Business is on as usual.Students are attending lectures and carrying on with their daily activities.Institutions of learning have been a target for terrorist attacks .Any effort to secure the institutions is therefore highly appreciated.



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  1. Explossives in a hostel? How did they get into the institution? Are these terrorists using university students to fulfil the desires of their hearts? lets be our brothers/sisters keeper in our institutions. Do not accept to be used as agents of terrorists.

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