The ‘Condom Shoes’ Differenciates a KU Lady from a SEKU Lady


There are major differences between ladies from South Eastern Kenya University (KU) and ladies from the  Kenyatta University (KU).  Despite the fact that they are all beautiful and intelligent, there are things that really set them apart. Of course there are deviations from the norm but in general, the differences are:


A typical KU chic will go to the extreme to dress like a model.  She will wear tones of makeup despite the fact that she’s already naturally beautiful. She will keep up with the latest fashion trends because she can afford it. A KU chic shops at Stalls in town or at malls.  Her expensive looks might scare you away.

A SEKU chic on the other hand has a simple but elegant mode of dressing.  ‘Condom shoes’ are common among SEKU chics but ask the male comrades and they’ll tell you that they find the shoes to be very sexy. They are cheap and are all weather.  She shops at KWA VONZA or KITUI market-affordable places.

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Date locations

If you think you are going to ask a KU chick to come to your ATHI  Hostel room in SEKU then cook for her Ugali and eggs, you are hugely mistaken. Unless you have an expensive crib or you’re able to pay for a decent place, she won’t show up. For an official date, you have to take her somewhere worthwhile. Somewhere that’s classy.

A SEKU chic doesn’t really mind. Whether you hang out at your hostel room or eat at some local hotel, it isn’t a big deal, as long as you are a good guy. As long as you treat her in a respectable manner and make her fell special, she’ll be happy.



A KU chic will see you when she wants to, not the other way round. If you call her for a meet up, she’ll give excuses, leaving you frustrated. When she calls you for a meet up, you should not have any excuses. It’s a must that you show up. She prefers being in control.

A SEKU chic understands the principle of give and take very well. She knows that for a relationship to be successful there must exist a two way traffic. If you call her, she’ll show up or promise to show up after a few hours.  A SEKU chic loves hanging out with her guy. Along the alleys of SEKU, you will see very many young couples walking together, every time.


Perception of love

A KU chic will love you for what you have. If you are a bright guy, a rich guy or a popular guy, you will easily qualify. Also if you are a hot guy, you stand a chance. She loves trophy boyfriends. She wants to be with the kind of guy her friends will talk about.

A SEKU chic will love you for who you are. If you declare genuine interest in her, she will give you a chance. If she finds you to be sincere and true, things will move forward.   If you hold her interests at heart, the same way you hold yours. You’re definitely her type.



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