The Eco-Challenge: Space in Art and Environment

The Eco-Challenge: Space in Art and Environment

Guest Writer: Anthony Ngure Gacheru

Sometimes the paintbrush and pen are mightier than the PowerPoint and lecture when it comes to explaining, on a human scale, our environment and the urgency of global climate change. Culture and the arts play a pivotal role in addressing environmental issues.

Arts can help to raise awareness and catalyze a public response to environmental insecurities and risks, illuminate issues of environmental justice, and imagine more sustainable futures. Arts can speak to emotion as well as to reason in finding new ways to articulate the richness and diversity of relationship between people and their environment.

There is so much to say on how we can utilize art as a tool for communication. Environment 254 is an open community platform for the change makers in the environmental and social arena, completely youth-run, non-profit environmental organization, founded by passionate, determined, and concerned youth. Are organizing an Art and environment event which will take place in various universities in Kenya. It will start on 3rd June 2016 at Zetech university.

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The main Objectives of the art and environment event will be;

  1. To create works of environmental art.
  2. Creation of an environmental art calendars for 2017.
  3. Presentation of our art pieces in a gallery for display.
  4. Launching of the Eco-Challenge.

Participation is open to anyone including;

  • Individuals – any persons who share an interest in the environment. From the children to the senior citizens and differently enabled persons.
  • Organisations – They will include both small and large organisations which will participate in the competition. Both governmental and NGO’s are welcomed aboard.
  • Institutions – Institutions of learning which have a keen interest in the environment and those willing to participate.

The Eco-Challenge: Space in Art and EnvironmentThe event organizers are looking forward to having it lead to behavioral change, attitude change and encouraging the spirit of environmental consciousness. After each university visit, we will be involved in either a tree planting activity or a team building activity. The plan is to plant close to 30,000 trees before the end of December 2016.

All about The Eco-Challenge

It is a 120 day eco-lifestyle challenge. Seeking to engage youth and the general public in the transition from conventional to conscious living, empowering generation and mobilizing action to sustain a healthy, just and thriving planet.

Each week will have a specific theme addressing environment and social Issues. Themed challenges are live for 1 week and participants will be asked to complete actions and upload deliverables to gather points. Depending on how one gathers the points they will be awarded as the best participant on a weekly basis.

Justifiction of the eco challenge is that currently, we have harmful chemicals in beauty and daily use products. Which has led to cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm, asthma, and other serious health risks are linked directly to many ingredients in products young people use daily. Thus there is need to raise awareness about eco responsible living amongst young peer groups thus the eco-challenge plays a major role.

If you would like to be part either as an artist, university club, to showcase your art works or sponsor or to partner send an email to or



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