The Grand Return of SUEU and Egerton Students Politics

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By Shadrack Mwendwa.

What goes around comes around, so they said. A new semester begins and comrades are up to the norm, but this is not just like any other semester at Egerton University, it is a political semester. A semester where a political veteran Antony Mumo, the SUEU Secretary General, who has been missing for quite a while is expected to return.

To every other Egerton student, the past semester moved on normally, with just but a few normal political waves here and there. To a SUEU member, it was quite a moment, a memorable one to be specific. When it was all calm to the general public, the SUEU Parliament was calming a war, a war of words that at times turned physical. The drama began a short while after the elections, disagreements led to disputes, drama after drama.

The volcano began erupting when the advocate 001 sued two of his parliament members claiming he had been treated to a few blows. According to the victim, he won the case but forgave the accused and saved them a jail sentence. A Cold war began with the SUEU chair constantly disagreeing with the Secretary General, though all through, the rest of the university was in total darkness.

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Tweets flooded the SUEU twitter handle, with both the chair and his junior having a story to tell and comrades were left with no one to believe.
It went silent for a while but to SUEU the war was still on.

Later in the semester, Egerton was served another module missile of a surprise with photos of their sec.gen in chains, lying dirty in police custody. A little interrogation later had it that he had been reported by the SUEU chair, Wesley Abuga for drug abuse. Yes, a gross claim. Olympus had fallen, and the matter was getting out of hand.

Drama after drama followed with failed attempted demonstrations but it was all soon swallowed by the national politics which was taking over every thing, and lots of CATs that kept the students busy. It was later that word went viral again that the sec.gen had been suspended, but the chair cleared the rumor mongering with yet another tweet, claiming that his junior had indeed differed studies in, as he put it, “his selfish desires” to be the chair of SUEU.

The long awaited semester is here, comrades expect Mumo’s return, indeed, the return of Xander Cage, all eager to see what he is up to this time round.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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